Friday, May 27, 2011

Hello strangers....

Hello strangers! How are you doing? I have been the worst blogger ever. I have two obsessions at the moment....TUMBLR and my WEDDING...that is all I do and think about now....nothing else seems to matter at the moment. Before I show you what I made I thought I should tell you I changed my tumblr name. I saw the post a few posts down and realized if you were to click that, it wouldn't work. Here is my 
new tumblr....I won't change it again, I promise.

My cousin/bridesmaid Tori came over for a craft night. We went for a jog first and came back and crafted...that is why we aren't in any of the pictures...we were a sweaty mess...HAHAHAHAHAHA
Remember the bleach shirt I made HERE? We made another one. Tori made an awesome bird shirt!

look at the colour it went...way brighter than mine!! 
I love the back!
I over sprayed AGAIN. But overall...I love it!! 
(mine with a  little piece of sticker still left on it that I didn't notice until after I took the picture)
I traced an actual big brass key onto contact paper and stuck it on.
I made a shirt to showoff my most favourite band...and Mike and I picked one of their songs as our first dance...awwww. 
I have a few other projects on the go, including my bedroom, and some art for the craft stay tuned