Monday, April 29, 2013

Some new onesies...

You know me and how I love to paint and embellish baby onesies...I made some more! Here are my latest creations..

For the first one I just used fabric paint and a stencil I had...
 For the second one I just used some fabric paint and tape..and painted stripes!

And here is how they turned out...

Pretty cute right!? Addy looks ADORABLE in both of them. I might be a little biased though...... :)


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring is FINALLY here!

It is finally starting to feel like spring around here! The weather has been warming up and Adalyn and I are getting out more and more! I can't wait to really put the stroller to good use!

The summer is usually when I am off work, and usually when I post the most. (because I am off work and have more time to do stuff!) I think this summer though, will be a quiet one on the blog. I plan on really taking advantage of the weather, getting out with the little miss and just enjoying my time being off. I got to craft lots this winter, because I was cooped up and there wasn't much else to do!! I usually stay up late, until 11 or so, to blog or craft and if the babe got up early I knew Mike would get up with her (he is a morning person) and I could sleep in! (definitely not a morning person) But now that Mike is back to work and leaving VERY early, and that Addy has been randomly waking up now...I don't want to stay up late in case she gets up! I NEED my sleep to function, and not be so cranky so I don't think I will be staying up late anymore! Which means there won't be as much blogging!

I am not saying I will never post again, but they just won't be as regular as they have been! I just thought I would let you know so you didn't think I would drop off the face of the earth!


Friday, April 26, 2013

Little Hip Squeaks

Look how "hip" these things for baby are! Ahh I want them all! hahahahah 
I lovelovelove the headbands! Adalyn would look adorable in them!

She has adorable gift sets too! I just love the prints! 
  Go check out this super sweet Etsy Shop!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Felt Heart Mobile

I had an idea to make a cute fabric mobile for a while. I found the tutorial HERE and cut out two butterflies! They were way too time consuming! I then decided on a nice and easy heart. I cut eight hearts out of each piece of felt. I had six sheets of felt so I had 48 hearts.

I got an embroidery hoop and tied some embroidery thread to it. I had 3 long and three shorter strings.
 I then put a strip of hot glue down the center of the heart and stuck the embroidery thread there.
I then glued around the edges of the heart and attached a different colour on top!

I added some strands of the pompom garland I made not too long ago. I couldn't find a home for it! I literally used a needle and thread to make the garland!
 On the strands with hearts I added blue glass beads. I tied big knots but also added glue since it would be above my daughters head!

And here it is! 
 Every time I change her I move it around and she stares at it, amazed. I wonder what she thinks all the time! She loves it!
I hung it in our downstairs change area!
This was a cheap and easy project...and I think it turned out pretty well! It is definitely Adalyn's favourite project!


Friday, April 19, 2013

Lemons and Lace

I am IN LOVE with everything from Lemons and Lace! How cute are some of these baby headbands?!
 I love the adult ones too and the fact that you can make matching ones for you and the babe.

 I just wish shipping wasn't so much to Canada or I would be buying a couple of these!!! (Maybe that's a good thing!)

Go check them out...I'm sure you will fall in love with everything, just like me!


*Update* They had a deal on these lovely headbands at P.S I Adore you and shipping was cheap! I definitely bought the headband in the bottom picture for me, and the headband in the very first picture for Addy! They are adorable! Here is my little peanut in hers....I love it!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Playroom Update

We have been busy over here working on this play room. I am pretty excited about how far we have come already! I did say I wanted it to be done quickly!!!!

I don't have a picture of the room before (when we used it as our "bedroom") but I did manage to find some older pictures!

Here is one from soon after we moved in...we called it the "junk room" for a reason! (How embarrassing!)
And here it is as my craft room (before we moved it to the other side!) So everything was the same as in this photo (paint, curtains, carpet) there was a just a bed against the wall next to the window, a dresser and play pen! Try to imagine it....

And here it is after the wallpaper and paint!!!!
Doesn't it look like a different room? I have to thank my amazing parents AGAIN for putting up wallpaper for me! They worked very hard and I really appreciate everything they did! We were planning on just wallpapering the one wall but we had enough paper to do the entire room. (There was still a little left over from Adalyn's room)  

Of course after I painted I had to move all her toys in here it is now with the toys in there:
We have already played in there so much!! She loves it!
I can't wait to decorate and hang some shelves and art!!!

Here was the to-do list I posted last week
  • wallpaper walls
  •  paint ceiling, trim and walls
  • build cube shelves
  • build ABC foam mat
  • buy, paint and hang shelves
  • make chalkboard
  • buy and hang window film 
  • decorate
and here is our current list:

Our current to-do list:
  • wallpaper walls
  •  paint ceiling, trim and walls
  • build cube shelves
  • build ABC foam mat
  • buy, paint and hang shelves
  • make chalkboard
  • buy and hang window film  (we aren't doing this anymore. I just picked up some blinds and cut the cord very short!!!)
  • decorate 
  • decide how to decorate/paint the curtain that separates the two rooms ( I added this because I forgot to before. I have a big paint cloth hanging between each room as a barrier. I want to either paint on it or decorate it somehow to make it look a little nicer!
Not too bad right!?! I thought I should post our cost every week too! So the current amount we have spent so far is

and this is how we have spent it...

  • 27.99 for the 9 cube storage x 2
  • 17.98 for the roll of wallpaper x3
  • 19.99 for the ABC 7x4 play mat
  • 8.99 for the white blinds
I didn't need to spend any money on paint because I made my own colour from  left over paint and I have to say it is a very pretty colour!!!! I am absolutely loving how this is all turning out! I am sure we will decide on shelves and decor soon! I will keep you posted!! 


Monday, April 15, 2013

5 Month Favourites!

Well, Addy is 5 months old! I can't believe it. I know I said it last month but there has been such a big jump from 4 months to 5 months. They grow and learn so quickly. It is amazing to watch..I am glad I am here with her every single day to experience it!

Here's the little monkey:

5 month stats:

* See the picture above? She wants to sit up SOOOO badly and does little half situps and tries so hard!
* She loves being in the Jolly Jumper now! It looks like she is doing a little Irish jig and is super cute.
* She is very curious about food! We are actually starting her on cereal today! We will see how it goes!
* She has started to giggle. I have to do something completely ridiculous to make it happen but I am        more than happy to, just to hear it!
* She is still sleeping really well, waking up the odd time here and there. It depends on the night.
* She is SOOO curious about the animals and wants to pet them all the time. The only one that will let her is Sadie!
* She loves to explore new toys and everything really! She has sat on her feeding pillow her entire life but just noticed the tag on it today...and was completely mesmerized!! Little things like that....
* When I go to kiss her she opens her mouth all the is so cute!!!
* She throws absolutely everything off the highchair..what a cute game...

Here are some of our five month favourites we are loving at the moment!

(I can't find a link for the exersaucer) 

1. I have wood teethers and teething bling but all she really wants are the nice cold teethers!!
2. The Jolly Jumper is definitely her new favourite activity. She laughs and smiles the entire time! It is so cute to watch her!
3. The playpen is my new favourite thing. She slept in the bassinet part for a while when we were downstairs but since she has reached 15lbs we had to lower it. I put her in it to sleep in the day and when I have to run upstairs for a second...she is  moving a lot now and almost had 2 accidents off the couch. I am glad I have been there both times. I just like to know she is safe in there if I have to leave her for a sec.
4. My cousin-in-law? Is that a thing?! hahah Anyway she gave us one of her exersaucers to borrow until her son is old enough to use it. I am so glad I did. She LOVES it! And I love the fact that she can't throw any of the toys off of it! hahah
5. Sophie...oh Sophie. She has always loved Sophie but really has been chewing on her lots lately!!
6. She loves the singing soccer ball!! She loves how soft it is and I love how she can make it sing on her own. It's a win win!

Well, that's it for now! I can't wait to see how she will grow this next month...

Friday, April 12, 2013

Project Life: Week 14

Sorry for the bad photos..I definitely took these at night! I won't do that again!!!!

Week 14 was a good week! Mom and dad came over and put up the wallpaper in the playroom! We(Adalyn and I) had lunch with my Aunt and cousin, Gramma, and my friend Amanda (in the mall after we went shopping!) we visited with Judy, my mom and Becca and went to our weekly baby class! Mike and I  also had a much needed date night..we went out for SUSHI! sooooo good. It was a great week!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Play Room Inspiration

Ok, so we ended up moving downstairs on the main floor for the winter to sleep because the wood stove is down there and it was much warmer! We were worried about Adalyn being too cold upstairs! At first we put our double bed in the living room, and Adalyn slept in her bassinet. We cleaned out the one room (we called it the junk room because we stored most of our stuff in there!) opposite the office and moved the bed in that room. We had the double bed, dresser with her change pad on top, a bookcase with all of Adalyn's recent clothes and her play pen where she slept! We have since moved back upstairs...thank goodness (I missed my bed!) and decided to make our old "bedroom" downstairs a play room! I am very excited for this  because:

A)  I get to redecorate and plan a new room!
B)  I can move all of Addy's stuff out of the living room!
C)  Addy will have an amazing place to play and learn.

As you all know already I am thrifty, and now on a maternity leave budget which means we can't put a lot of money into this room. It is fun to try and decorate a room for the least amount of money you can. I will be keeping a tally and add up the total money spent at the end! I know now there will be at least one wall papered wall (the same wall paper as in Adalyn's room...the wall is in bad shape), a chalkboard, possibly a magnet board and some cube shelves! I am also making my own paint colour with left over aqua paint from Addy's room, and leftover white paint! No reason to go out and by new paint!

Here is our current to-do list:
  • wallpaper walls
  •  paint ceiling, trim and walls
  • build cube shelves
  • build ABC foam mat
  • buy, paint and hang shelves
  • make chalkboard
  • buy and hang window film 
  • decorate!!!
That's all I can think of at the moment but I'm sure there are many other things! I will keep you posted each week. I have a feeling this is going to be a quick finish because I want her toys out of the living room real bad.....they are driving me nuts! hahah
Anyway, for now, here is some inspiration..the rooms I love, as well as certain aspects in them!
(Remember, these aren't my images I have found these through don't pin these items from my blog. Click the link underneath each picture to take you to the proper source! Thanks!)
love the foam flooring and storage!

I love the designated reading area, the spice rack bookshelves and the large letters!

LOVE the teepee...I don't think we have enough room for one! I really want one though! And love the tall storage! We are planning on doing this to leave more room on the floor!

love this! I love that you can take it with you when you go. My friend Sharon made one (that looks fabulous) and I have to have one too! hahahahah

I need a chalkboard, obviously! hahaha

I love the paper backing on the shelves...and what the shelves are sitting on! I would love to find those!

maybe a felt board?

It would be cool to have a confetti wall!

Gah so many pretty ideas...I know you are probably thinking "she is a baby, what do you need a chalkboard for" I know she is only a baby but I can't help but decorate this room the way I see it...for the future! It has to look pretty! hahahah

I can't wait to start decorating! Stay tuned for the room update next week!


Monday, April 8, 2013

Project Life: 52 week family edition!

I originally bought all the supplies for Project Life to make Adalyn a nice baby book. Well, I did that (I will show you a few pages in a second)...fell in love with the entire process and decided to make a family one.
First, here are a few pages from Adalyn's book:
(Some names and details may have a heart covering it for privacy reasons!)

The title page

 I also found these envelopes at the dollar store and put all of her first cards and photos in there! (Look at all the Valentines she got!!!!)

For the family one I decided to make a two page spread for each week. That is documenting 52 weeks!!!! Mike thinks I'm crazy..but I am loving every minute of it! Every Sunday I go through my pictures from the week (I make a folder) and decide on the best ones..I usually make little collages because there are always so many pictures I want to include. I upload them online and send them to the Walmart print centre. I then go through the events of the week and journal!! I love it, and I love how it looks! I then pick up my pictures whenever I am in town! I am all caught up to week 13, March 25th to 31st. I use a combination of the Amber Core Kit from Project Life, the holiday digital kit from Project Life,  Me and my Big ideas Pocket Pages cards and free printables from all over the web. (Check my Project Life folder on my Pinterest Page!) I am still learning and still getting used to it, so the pages aren't that creative. I still love them though. Here are some of my pages.

Week 1

Week 3

Week 7

 Week 9

Week 11
And here is my week 13 ( the week of Easter)

I didn't have enough room to journal all about our busy week so I cut a page protector up smaller then the 12x12 page and on one side documented Easter at Mike's parents house, and the other side I wrote about Easter at my Gramma's!

What do you think!? I think if you like scrapbooking but don't have the time to do it, you should give this a is sooooo easy! I am sure you will fall in love, just like me! I will probably post my layouts each week from here on out...It will give me motivation to keep going! Stay tuned for week 14!!

Ashley xo