Friday, August 8, 2014

ZOO week

Our second themed week was the ZOO! My parents, Adalyn and I went to the zoo one day during transportation week. It was a last minute decision, or I would have gone to the zoo during zoo week..hah. I decided to do the zoo week right after, so it was (hopefully) still in her memory! We did lots of fun stuff...

We read zoo poems. I found this poem on Pinterest as well as the zoo cut outs. I printed them at home, used contact paper to "laminate" them and then stuck magnets on the back. Addy loved these magnets!

We played with zoo animal in play-doh. We made foot prints in the play-doh and then made cages for them with popsicle sticks!

 She also painted with animals, making foot prints on the paper!

 She made a peacock handprint

painted paper plates and made a tiger and lion!

And she had animal crackers and dipped them in banana yogurt! Perfect zoo themed snack!!

It was a fun week and we talked a lot about different animals! I bought a little photo album to put her zoo pictures in. She loves animals so I think she will like that! 

We got busy and didn't do a theme the next two weeks after that, but we did one this week! I will try to blog about it this weekend!! 


Thursday, August 7, 2014

20 month Favourites

I thought I should finallllly post this because Adalyn is almost 21 months now! Always so behind!

Here is our 20 month old big girl.
She is such a joy in our lives. She makes us laugh constantly but also keeps us on our toes! She is very smart and amazes us each and every day!!

Here are some 20 month stats:

* The last time we weighed her she weighed 24.5lbs
* All of her teeth have popped through but aren't all the way down yet!
* She wears size 24 month clothes and size 6 shoes
* She has 3 bottles (homo milk) a day.
* She is talking non-stop! I can't even begin to write all of the words down that she says. She is pronouncing things a lot better as well. She was calling my Gram (her GG) Dodo...but can say GG now..and my mom was Waawaa but she can now say Gramma! She still calls socks "geeks" though!  Some newer things she is saying " I be nice", "markers", "Daddy on tractor".
* She is still loving books, blocks, lego, markers, colouring in general. Also anything to do with babies!
* On TV she likes Max and Ruby, Bubble Guppies and Emily Yeung
 *She is still a really good eater and sleeper! She eats ALL DAY LONG! Her favourite foods include: corn, rice, pickles, chicken strips and her new favourites are soup and kraft dinner. She is really good with a fork and spoon. She can eat rice no problem with a fork and yogurt/applesauce on her own as well!
* She can tell you things that are coloured blue, orange and pink (and sometimes yellow)...but can give you the correct colour marker if you ask for a certain colour.
* She can finish the sentences in the song Twinkle, twinkle little star.
* One day in the back seat when I was driving she said out of the blue "eight, nine". I said ten next so now she says "eight, nine, ten"
* She can match same objects, no problem. Also coloured marker lids to the correct marker.

 Here are a few of her favourite things at the moment:
1- Pipsqueak markers. They are so cute and little. She loves colouring but colouring with markers is her favourite. She is also now not just scribbling side to side, she is making circles now! :)

2- Baby carseat. She loves her babies! She feeds them and gives them a blankie just like her. She sometimes wants to bring her baby with us, in this car seat. So cute!

3- Ice Cream Duplo set. This is a newer toy in the house. She loves it, pretends to lick them and stacks the ice cream cones really high.

4- The Ipad. She is a whiz now. She is allowed to play at least once a day, sometimes twice..for ten minutes at a time. I usually give it to her when I am making dinner. She had her own folder that she knows how to get into, she chooses her game and sits and plays the games correctly. It is crazy how good she is at working the ipad!
Only more more post, then I will be posting her 2 YEAR update!! What!? Where has the time gone?!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Transporation Week

 I knew before we were off for the summer I wanted to do weekly themes,  to keep things fun! We haven't done one every week, we have done three so far. We started with transportation! Adalyn loves cars, trucks and tractors at the moment! She enjoyed this week! Here are a few things we did:

I used the beans from our flower garden sensory bin and made a "digger" bin. Addy calls them tractors! hahaha She enjoyed this bin and so did her friend Ben when he came over as well!!

Then we went next door to see Daddy and all of his REAL machines and diggers!

We used cars and trucks and painted with them! Addy thought I was crazy at first but as soon as I showed her what to do she loved it. The cars and trucks left some cool tracks on the paper! Her finished art is on the pin board!

 After that we had a car wash! I think she liked this activity more than the painting!

She drove her cars through the play-doh one night while I was making dinner. She was entertained for a while with this activity!!

We also played with some vehicles on a ramp. She liked this!

I also made some boats out of pool noodles. She liked taking them apart and putting them back together.

and I made her a little car out of a box from the mail! She loved it! She ripped the steering wheel off right away though! hahah

I'm glad I finally got around to blogging about this! Adalyn really liked this week, probably the most. I will post about the ZOO week we also had by the end of the week!


Friday, July 4, 2014

Canada Day!

Hey guys! I know I haven't blogged in so long! I am now off for the summer so I thought since I had more time I should blog!! ( I am loving these three hour afternoon naps by the way! :) )

We didn't do anything super crazy for Canada Day but I thought I would post some pictures anyway!

Of course we decorated the playroom! I didn't go completely over board or anything...just bought a few things from the dollar store!

I put Addy in a Canada Day t shirt and her red and pink reversible tutu.

I gave Addy some play-doh, Canadian flags and other red objects and let her play!

And we went to a Canada Day celebration with my Mom and Dad. We got free hotdogs, flags and pins..saw a police car, firetruck, ponies and got to play at the park. I still think the swing was Adalyn's favourite part!!

Overall it was a lovely Canada Day!! I hope my Canadian friends enjoyed your holiday and my American friends are enjoying theirs today!


Monday, May 19, 2014

18 Month Favourites!

I have a YEAR AND A HALF year old! Wow! I can't believe it has been that long since I became a mother to my sweet babe. I honestly couldn't imagine what my life would be like without her. She fills my heart with so much joy, makes me smile every day and is such a good girl! (for the most part!) Here are a few pictures!

I bought a cupcake to celebrate her half birthday and she loved it..and actually blew the candles out!

Here are some 18 month stats:

* The last time we weighed her she weighed 23.5lbs
* She has 13 teeth -her front 8 teeth and four molars (another tooth just popped through on the bottom!)
* She wears size 18-24 month clothes and size 5 shoes
* She has 3 bottles (homo milk) a day. The morning one is 4oz, the daytime one is 3oz and her night time bottle is 5oz.
* She is talking non-stop! Some new ones include : Daddy, where'd he go?, no more bus, uhoh, booboo!, booboo right there,  Reece (her friend from daycare), block, truck, car, Bean (her friend Ben), all done, pickle, up/down (She has said these randomly for a while but is starting to whine and lift her arms in the air.. I am trying to get her to say them all the time now, as well as "more" and "help")
* She is still loving books (mostly non fiction), blocks, beads and her outdoor toys
* She loves to be independent..she wants to put her boots, socks, coat and hats on all by herself and does a pretty good job at it!
*She was going through some pretty bad temper tantrums. Throwing herself on the floor, kicking, screaming...and this was home, at the store, outside....when she didn't get her way. I don't want to jinx it but she hasn't had one in a while...she has been pretty vocal sometimes...but not a tantrum! They are so embarrassing!
* On TV she likes Mike the Knight, Bubble Guppies and Emily Yeung
 *She is still a really good eater and sleeper! She eats ALL DAY LONG! Her favourite foods include: corn, rice, pickles, chicken strips and her new favourite is lasagna! She is really good at using a fork!

 Here are a few of her favourite things at the moment:


1. She loves these lacing beads. She still doesn't quite understand what to do with them but she tries!!
2. She loves to paint so these water colours are fun! I bought water colour paper from Target and it makes the pictures even more beautiful! I am going to frame one of her masterpieces! They turn out so pretty!
3. The sound puzzles are fun! She loves animals and the sounds they make so this one makes her smile!
4. This Princess Aurora doll is her new favourite thing! She got this for Christmas from my cousin and her family. She didn't really play with it until about a month ago. She wants to bring it to daycare most days and carries it around the house. She calls it her baby and brings it with her when we go to town too! SO cute!!

I am the mother of a year and a half year old! It sounds so funny to say! I honestly cant believe how fast she is growing up!! I am loving absolutely every minute of it! I guess I better mark her height on the growth chart before I forget!! :)


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Something New..

We will be starting something new over here! Remember how I started weekly themes last summer when Addy was a little babe? We started with beach week which ended up being beach month and we never did any other themes! Lol. I am going to do that again!

Adalyn surprised me this week by matching bingo dabber lids to the correct colour bingo dabber, all on her own! I didn't tell her to match them or anything. All I asked her to do was to put the lids back on! At first I thought it was a I took the lids off, mixed them up and gave them back to her and she did it again! I was very impressed! I thought it would be fun to focus on colours. Each week will be a different colour! I decided to do six weeks (red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple) After that I will decide what to do from there! (Either continue with colours: pink, white, black, brown etc) or focus on all new themes. I don't consider this teaching her or "school"...they will be fun activities (painting, sensory etc) that we can talk about!

Tomorrow I am starting with the colour BLUE. They only reason I chose this first was because she can say it perfectly clear. I don't think she knows what it means. She seems to say it when she is colouring. hahah When I tell her she is using a green marker, she says "blue". Funny girl!

I have a ton of easy, FREE activities all planned out! I am really trying hard not to spend any money! (Although I already know I want to get blue jello...but that is pretty cheap ;) ) I am trying to use items from around the house!

I think I will do one big post at the end of the week, instead of every day..we all know that wouldn't happen! I am pretty excited to start this and have a lot of ideas in my head! Pinterest has been a great resource! Tomorrow is a holiday so I am doing some messy painting! She loves painting! I will also give her a blue discovery box of blue things from around the house! I am pretty excited to start this!!


P.S I have decide to do quick recap blog posts of the holidays I missed! I just like to have everything documented in one place and like to look back on the previous holiday to see what I did! You might see some new posts every day for a while until I catch up! :)

Thursday, May 15, 2014


I haven't blogged since March 21st, almost two months ago! I didn't blog about Easter, our visit to sisters or Mother's Day. I don't really have a reason. I am just enjoying watching my baby grow up into a little person. I am loving (almost) every moment of it! hahah. I'm not sure if I will go back and write quick recaps of the past holidays..we will see!! Anyway, I thought I would share a few photos! Life has been wonderful with my sweet babe lately...lots of playing outside, painting and laughing! We are so glad spring has finally come! Here are a few moments of our life at the moment...

 I am hoping to have an 18 month update up sometime soon! And maybe this weekend I can blog about Easter and Mother's Day! It is better late than never, right?! :)


Friday, March 21, 2014

16 month Favourties!

Well, Adalyn is 16 months old. She is getting so big and I kind of want time to slow down. It is just happening so fast and I want to slow down and remember her the way she is today! Here is my big girl:

Here are some stats:

* She weighs 22lbs. I know I said she weighed 24 the last post 2 months ago (I guessed) but I was off. She hasn't really gained weight in a while...but the doctor's aren't concerned! She is very busy and burns lots of calories! She eats like a pig as well! I think if she wasn't busy she would be a chunky monkey! :)
* She has 12 teeth (her front 8 teeth and four molars)
* She wears 18 month clothes. All pants are now 18-24 months
* She is now wearing size 5 shoes
* She has 3 bottles (homo milk) a day. The morning one is 4oz, the daytime one is 3oz and her night time bottle is 5oz.
* She is saying so much more! Some new ones include : boot, birdie (obsessed with birdies), hat, apple, bus (she calls trucks buses too). She says "bye bye Daddy/Mommy" When one of us leave. I love that! We are still working on "love you". She says "hot" if she is by the wood stove, the stove or any candles. She also says "shhh" and puts her finger to her mouth when she is watching the birds. She has also started lifting her hands palm up if you ask her where something is and she doesn't know!
* She is obsessed with birds! She loves looking out the window and always wants one of us to come with her. She says "up, birdies" and we go and watch them together. She knows to whisper or they will fly away! It is super cute!
* She loves crayons, her dolls, magnets and books right now. She now loves soft cover books and isn't ripping them anymore..just don't give her anything with flaps or pop ups!
* She is still a really good eater! We are very lucky. I think she would only eat fruit if we let her!
* She is still a really good sleeper! Usually sleeps 7:30pm to 7:00 am with an afternoon nap consisting of 2- 2.5hours! She now sleeps with a little pillow and likes a muslin blanket and a stuffy with her.

 Here are a few of her favourite things at the moment:

1- Gem crayons. We got these from Target and she loves them. She draws and plays with them a lot!
2 - Violet, her Blabla doll. She loves it and sleeps with it every night!
3- These shades I got in the dollar bin at Target. She gets excited when I ask her if she wants to wear them
4- These cute nesting dolls, also from Target. They keep her very busy!
5- Melissa and Doug reusable stickers! You can't go wrong for the price. She loves stickers so this is a good thing for her. You can take them off and re-do the pages over and over. It is a good quiet activity if you need her to sit and be quiet for a few minutes! :)
6- Melissa and Doug magnets! Although I am not impressed with the quality (a fair number of ours are chipped/pieces of wood are gone) she loves them and loves to stick them on her magnet board!

So that's it, her 16 month update. It still sounds crazy to me that we have a 16 month old. I know I say this every time but I love this stage! I love watching her and love that she is starting to say more and  more! I love being her Mommy!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Recap!

We had a fun St. Patrick's Day week over here! It was nice to have the week off to actually focus on it! We usually don't really celebrate it or decorate for it, but since my sister married Kev (who is from Ireland) I felt we had to do something! :) Here is a look back on our St. Patrick's Day week!

 We got our green straws out!
 We had lucky charms and green milk...Addy picked out the marshmallows and didn't eat the rest of the cereal..of course!
 We played with some rice...I definitely used my Valentine's day rice and just added green stuff to it!
 (She was obsessed with the necklaces!

 We had lucky charm squares! Made the same way as Rice Krispie squares

 We painted and made a few things
We made a hand print clover and a hand print leprechaun!

We had a rainbow fruit tray complete with clouds and a pot of gold!
 It quickly turned to this...
 We coloured some cute pictures

And used some fun stickers!

We had jello sensory play! I placed some St. Patrick's Day coins in some jello and she had to dig them out! She loved this....
 She ended up eating a lot of it too...

we drank some green smoothies with our fun straws!

And we had a green St. Patrick's Day bath the day of!!

We had lots of fun! I am kind of sad to pack everything away! I love all the green around here! However, I am really excited to start on our Easter fun! Only a month away!! Yay!