Friday, August 8, 2014

ZOO week

Our second themed week was the ZOO! My parents, Adalyn and I went to the zoo one day during transportation week. It was a last minute decision, or I would have gone to the zoo during zoo week..hah. I decided to do the zoo week right after, so it was (hopefully) still in her memory! We did lots of fun stuff...

We read zoo poems. I found this poem on Pinterest as well as the zoo cut outs. I printed them at home, used contact paper to "laminate" them and then stuck magnets on the back. Addy loved these magnets!

We played with zoo animal in play-doh. We made foot prints in the play-doh and then made cages for them with popsicle sticks!

 She also painted with animals, making foot prints on the paper!

 She made a peacock handprint

painted paper plates and made a tiger and lion!

And she had animal crackers and dipped them in banana yogurt! Perfect zoo themed snack!!

It was a fun week and we talked a lot about different animals! I bought a little photo album to put her zoo pictures in. She loves animals so I think she will like that! 

We got busy and didn't do a theme the next two weeks after that, but we did one this week! I will try to blog about it this weekend!! 


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