Monday, September 27, 2010

I took the Pledge!

I took the pledge to be VEGAN for 30 days! I have also started a blog to keep track of my journey, post recipes etc. So you can go check it out here!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Fall Mantel

Today I got a little side tracked from the closet to focus on the fall mantel!! I put a lot of it out last week or the week after, but hadn't finished the mantel!! I plan on putting out the Halloween stuff shortly as well, probably next weekend in October!! Today I did make 2 things to add to the fall decor around here.

First I made a wreath. I used this bunch of chinese lanterns I bought today. I just cut them off and glued them onto a grapevine wreath.

The finished product is a super cute, plain wreath that works for fall and Halloween. I placed it inside a larger wreath!
The second thing I did today was update a pillow. I took the pillow that was sitting in the chair, and added some orange stripes.
I used duct tape and measured them out. And then painted with normal craft paint!
The cutest!!
With these two projects completed today, the living room really feels like fall. Here's the rest of the room and mantel.
I added 3 fake leaves in the frame and made a burlap banner with vinyl stickers.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Few More Odds and Ends

Hey everyone! I thought I would update you on a few odds and ends!

First: The closet is coming along nicely. Slowly but nicely. I don't have enough time in the morning. But the shelf is installed and there is nothing on the dresser. It looks so much better already!

Second: The art I made for my sister with the glasses was featured on Someday Crafts, Here!
You should go check out Michelle's blog and join her link party!

Third: I have made my own button, on the sidebar for anyone who wants it!! Isn't it pretty?! Plain, but pretty.
My Button

Fourth: If I started a blog party would anyone link up their projects?!!

And finally the Fifth point of interest: The Borrowed Abode was kind enough to feature the home we rent! She asked if it was ok, and sent me a few questions to answer too! You can go check out the amazing feature here! Thank you so much Jane!! (And you should go check out her blog too! She also rents a home, and her blog features rental-friendly decor and DIY inspiration for everyone!!)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Emergency Closet Room Organization

Hello friends! We are friends right?! And friends don't judge or decide not to be friends even if they see something embarrassing, right?! I am about to show you something very embarrassing!  You see, our house has one closet. One small, tiny closet. If anyone knows me, they know that just wouldn't work out for me.hahah. We live in a 3 bedroom house, and we have a bedroom, and an office. The other room didn't even have an outlet so we didn't know what to use it for. So, we have a closet "room". It is nice and has lots of space, but that can lead to one big messy room. (If you know me, you also know I can be a little messy sometimes. Even though I am a daughter of neat freaks!) I went into the closet the other day and it was the worst I have ever seen it in my life. The entire house is not messy like this. This room seems to get the worst!! I do want an organized room and I even bought these to try and help
 (scarf hanger and pant hangers) I just hadn't used them yet. 
Ok, so are you ready?! ahhhhh....again, don't judge.
 This is behind the door
 The broken cloth roman shade.

Mike's side is pretty good. I must admit Mike is a little more neat then me, but his side can get just as bad!!

So, you think that is bad right?! Well it is! I cleaned up all the clothes and guess what was hiding under all the clothes on the dresser?!
booksbooksbooks! And magazines!

So, that is why I have called this "Emergency Closet Room Organization" I have already bought and stained a shelf, I have hooks waiting to be hung and am ready to get rid of some stuff in there!!! I am going to make a new jewellry station, new curtains and find a place for everything. Also am going to go through my clothes and get rid of the ones I don't wear!! I am working on it little by little before I go to work each day, so hopefully I will have something beautiful to show you on the weekend. Something nice and organized!!

Wish me luck, I am definitely going to need it!

 p.s- sorry mom and gramma. I hope you still love me! hahahahhaha

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kayla's Birthday

Today is Kayla's Birthday! She is 23 years old which is crazy because that makes me even older! On Saturday mom, dad, gram and I went up to visit her at school. We went out for lunch, 
(us at Riley's. Do you think we look alike?!)
did some shopping (where she bought something at Michael's and I didn't!)
 (outside Michael's!? Or Winners?!)
and went back to her place to open presents. 
 I made her this art,
A gold and black "everything" charm bracelet, and also got her a new journal, chuck season 3, one of her fave chocolate bars, an Andy Warhol book and a Calvin Klein scarf. I hope you liked it all sister! After that we had her favourite cake!
I hope you wish comes true and you have an amazing day! I love you! xoxoxo

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Homemade art for sister

Yesterday my parents, gramma and I went to visit Kayla at school. Her birthday is on Tuesday, but we thought it would be better to go up the weekend before. (I will post all about this on Tuesday!!) I made her 2 things, and I thought I would share the cool art I made for her. This is what you will need:
3 pairs of old glasses, a shadow box, 6 pictures and hotglue. I did change it, and you don't need the modge podge after all.

First, place a piece of paper over the lense of the glasses and rub around the edge of the glass to trace the shape of the glass. Cut it out, and mark which one is for the right lense.
(sorry about the awful pictures, the lighting is awful in the craft room at night!)
Originally I was going to modge podge the picture to the front of the glasses, but then I decided to attach it to the bottom.

After you put them on the botton, put a strip of hotglue around the lenses to keep the picture from falling out
(that's hot glue)
Next, attach the glasses with hot glue to a piece of scrapbook paper 
 And then hot glue the paper to the back of the picture frame (because the glasses are so heavy pull the paper down.

Put in frame
Double check the glasses (in the day) for strands of hot glue. (which I didn't and saw after she opened it) I fixed it right then and there.
Cute girl. 
I think she liked it!! Happy almost birthday sister!! oxox

 I am linking this art to the lovely blog parties listed here: 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Go Veg Shirt

Some of you may know I am a vegetarian. I think I have mentioned it a few times on here anyway. I became a vegetarian almost 2.5 years ago after reading the book Skinny Bitch. I started off full vegan for 2.5 weeks but it ended up being too much too fast. (plus I really missed cheese! hahahah) I love how I felt, even after a week! Lighter, not bloated and I didn't have the digestion problems I had when I ate meat!

My first Christmas as a veg my sister bought me my most favourite necklace off Etsy. 
 A cow that says "GO VEG"

I wear it all the time! I have always wanted a t-shirt with some logo on it saying that I don't eat meat! So today I decided to make my own. 

Do you remember my summer to do list posted here?! With the bleach shirt?! I mommy bought me bleach on the weekend so I thought I would give it a try tonight. Here's what you need:
 black t-shirt, bleach (isn't that the cutest bottle of bleach you have ever seen?), spray bottle, vinyl letters (or contact paper if you don't have letters) I bought these chalkboard animal labels so long ago but have never used them! I'm glad there was a chicken! haha
First, place something in between front and back of shirt and then stick letters and shape on.
Next, fill spray bottle with bleach. Place high in the air and mist down toward shirt. (as much or as little as you want)

Then peel stickers off
(I sprayed way too much. I can't wait to try again though and spray less.)

Try it on and have a photoshoot!
Love it! 

 I am on a veg roll as of late because of my blogging friends Devin from "Love, Craft, Write, Dream" just read Skinny Bitch and stopped eating meat! She was a vegetarian before and has become one again. She has posted yummy recipes and videos from PETA and everyone knows I am very passionate about stuff like this! So  go check out her blog and see what she's been up to!

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