Friday, August 8, 2014

ZOO week

Our second themed week was the ZOO! My parents, Adalyn and I went to the zoo one day during transportation week. It was a last minute decision, or I would have gone to the zoo during zoo week..hah. I decided to do the zoo week right after, so it was (hopefully) still in her memory! We did lots of fun stuff...

We read zoo poems. I found this poem on Pinterest as well as the zoo cut outs. I printed them at home, used contact paper to "laminate" them and then stuck magnets on the back. Addy loved these magnets!

We played with zoo animal in play-doh. We made foot prints in the play-doh and then made cages for them with popsicle sticks!

 She also painted with animals, making foot prints on the paper!

 She made a peacock handprint

painted paper plates and made a tiger and lion!

And she had animal crackers and dipped them in banana yogurt! Perfect zoo themed snack!!

It was a fun week and we talked a lot about different animals! I bought a little photo album to put her zoo pictures in. She loves animals so I think she will like that! 

We got busy and didn't do a theme the next two weeks after that, but we did one this week! I will try to blog about it this weekend!! 


Thursday, August 7, 2014

20 month Favourites

I thought I should finallllly post this because Adalyn is almost 21 months now! Always so behind!

Here is our 20 month old big girl.
She is such a joy in our lives. She makes us laugh constantly but also keeps us on our toes! She is very smart and amazes us each and every day!!

Here are some 20 month stats:

* The last time we weighed her she weighed 24.5lbs
* All of her teeth have popped through but aren't all the way down yet!
* She wears size 24 month clothes and size 6 shoes
* She has 3 bottles (homo milk) a day.
* She is talking non-stop! I can't even begin to write all of the words down that she says. She is pronouncing things a lot better as well. She was calling my Gram (her GG) Dodo...but can say GG now..and my mom was Waawaa but she can now say Gramma! She still calls socks "geeks" though!  Some newer things she is saying " I be nice", "markers", "Daddy on tractor".
* She is still loving books, blocks, lego, markers, colouring in general. Also anything to do with babies!
* On TV she likes Max and Ruby, Bubble Guppies and Emily Yeung
 *She is still a really good eater and sleeper! She eats ALL DAY LONG! Her favourite foods include: corn, rice, pickles, chicken strips and her new favourites are soup and kraft dinner. She is really good with a fork and spoon. She can eat rice no problem with a fork and yogurt/applesauce on her own as well!
* She can tell you things that are coloured blue, orange and pink (and sometimes yellow)...but can give you the correct colour marker if you ask for a certain colour.
* She can finish the sentences in the song Twinkle, twinkle little star.
* One day in the back seat when I was driving she said out of the blue "eight, nine". I said ten next so now she says "eight, nine, ten"
* She can match same objects, no problem. Also coloured marker lids to the correct marker.

 Here are a few of her favourite things at the moment:
1- Pipsqueak markers. They are so cute and little. She loves colouring but colouring with markers is her favourite. She is also now not just scribbling side to side, she is making circles now! :)

2- Baby carseat. She loves her babies! She feeds them and gives them a blankie just like her. She sometimes wants to bring her baby with us, in this car seat. So cute!

3- Ice Cream Duplo set. This is a newer toy in the house. She loves it, pretends to lick them and stacks the ice cream cones really high.

4- The Ipad. She is a whiz now. She is allowed to play at least once a day, sometimes twice..for ten minutes at a time. I usually give it to her when I am making dinner. She had her own folder that she knows how to get into, she chooses her game and sits and plays the games correctly. It is crazy how good she is at working the ipad!
Only more more post, then I will be posting her 2 YEAR update!! What!? Where has the time gone?!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Transporation Week

 I knew before we were off for the summer I wanted to do weekly themes,  to keep things fun! We haven't done one every week, we have done three so far. We started with transportation! Adalyn loves cars, trucks and tractors at the moment! She enjoyed this week! Here are a few things we did:

I used the beans from our flower garden sensory bin and made a "digger" bin. Addy calls them tractors! hahaha She enjoyed this bin and so did her friend Ben when he came over as well!!

Then we went next door to see Daddy and all of his REAL machines and diggers!

We used cars and trucks and painted with them! Addy thought I was crazy at first but as soon as I showed her what to do she loved it. The cars and trucks left some cool tracks on the paper! Her finished art is on the pin board!

 After that we had a car wash! I think she liked this activity more than the painting!

She drove her cars through the play-doh one night while I was making dinner. She was entertained for a while with this activity!!

We also played with some vehicles on a ramp. She liked this!

I also made some boats out of pool noodles. She liked taking them apart and putting them back together.

and I made her a little car out of a box from the mail! She loved it! She ripped the steering wheel off right away though! hahah

I'm glad I finally got around to blogging about this! Adalyn really liked this week, probably the most. I will post about the ZOO week we also had by the end of the week!