Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine's Day Decor: Around the house

I don't decorate too much around the house for Valentine's day but I thought I would show you what I did this year!

In the kitchen I put out the pink place mats and hang heart garlands
 I decorated Addy's little eating cute!
 I think the mantle looked pretty similar last year...
 Look at my babe last Valentine's Day! SO little! That hat still fits by the way!!
We moved the old pie safe into the living room so we could put Addy's table in the kitchen!!

And that's it! I don't get super crazy like at Christmas! But it is just enough!! Adalyn loves all the glitter and hearts!!


Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine's Day Decor: Playroom Edition

Here are a few pictures of the Valentine's Day decor in the playroom!

 I got all of the decorations at the dollar store and Target!
 This little bag holds her pretty Valentine's Day bracelets and necklaces!
 Our gallery wall
 Have I showed you the tent my sister and her husband got Addy?! Cute right?!
 The love pillow and carpet were cute, I thought!
 Our Valentine's Day books...hardly any board books! She can only read these ones with Mama!

 So I took her year of friends down and am going to post her art on this board! I also painted the chalkboard with magnetic paint and still have yet to paint the chalkboard over top..she loves the magnets!

So there you go! She loves all the pretty decorations and I have fun decorating too! Holidays are so much more fun with kiddies!!