Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am Still Alive..........

Hey everyone!! I am still alive, don't worry! I haven't posted in forever!! I have had wedding on the brain!! haha. I have also joined a gym and have been working out in the morning and some afternoons, and worked a morning. I have been busy. So, I never did finish that 10 in 10. I got 5 o 6 things done, which is still good. I will post that soon!

Wedding News: We have set a date, and picked a place. October 15th, 2011! We are so excited. My colours have changed from....

  • black/white
  • black/oranges&reds
  • brown/oranges and reds
  • brown/white
  • brown/white/green. 

Right now it is brown/white/green....nature theme...mums, wood, etc etc. Before you all think I am crazy, or you can't see that colour combo...Here are some inspiration photos.
 And here is some hair inspiration

I'm thinking something "messy"
All these pictures were from the amazing wedding website The Knot
Do you want to hear a funny story about the knot?! My friend Amanda sent me the link to this site last year. To join you have to enter a wedding date. I had no date, or even a wedding taking place so I just entered a random date....can you guess what day?! October 15th, 2011. Not a joke!! Isn't that crazy? It wasn't until after we were engaged I checked the site and saw the date....crazy right?! True story!!

All we know is the location, date, and that this girl will be my maid of honour.
Isn't she pretty?!

There is so much to do, and I see why everyone says weddings are so stressful!!
I will post that 10 in 10 thing sometime soon!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 projects in 10 days

Jenn from Mx Momma has decided to complete 10 projects in 10 days! I have decided to do it with her. I have been lacking in the creative department as of late and have so much to do, it would be fun to have a deadline so things will actually get done! So I will start today and it will end October 22nd! Here is my list 

1. Get rest of Halloween stuff out
2. Make a Halloween pillow
3. Hang shelf in closet
4. Paint new mirror for closet
5. Sew curtains for closet
6. Get pictures printed for behind couch
7. Make vegan peanut butter cups
8. Sew pillow cover for pillow upstairs
9. Organize pantry
10. Paint frames in upstairs hall

I will post a recap with pictures and everything! I hope I can get all this done! Wish me luck!!! ( I think I might need it!)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A little behind....

So I am a  little behind with the Halloween decorations! I have been so excited about wedding stuff, looking up tons of sites and saving ideas...I forgot to put my stuff out!! And Thanksgiving is this weekend here in Canada and I know I won't have a lot of time to put it out then, so I should get on it these few mornings I have. I will start today!!

I have also been very lucky and had other blogs feature my fall mantel and other things.

Be Different...Act Normal mentioned my fall garland here
The Multi Purpose Life mentioned my fall mantel here
Coco Loves Vintage posted my glasses frame art tutorial as one of her favourite, here
You should go check out those amazing blogs full of inspiration!!

Now I'm off to get on that Halloween decor!! Have a great day!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Exciting News!

Hello friends! I have been M.I.A as of late and have put the closet on hold. I have a good reason though! I am ENGAGED!
 Isn't my ring beautiful!? I am in love! He definitely did good! hahahah

Mike popped the question on the weekend and I was completely shocked. I wasn't expecting it at all!! We have decided on a fall 2011 wedding and are so excited!! So, there might be some wedding inspiration posts, maybe a few wedding d.i.y projects...and if any of you have great sites I should check out post the link in a comment! (or any great tips I should know)

I am one of those girlie girls who have dreamed of their weddings for as long as I can remember. I am not crazy though. I think the cost of weddings can be ridiculous! (I am thrifty, remember?!) I don't want a crazy expensive wedding (I would rather save money for a down payment on a house) But I know you can still have a beautiful wedding and not spend a ton. (That is my plan anyway!!)

I haven't stopped smiling since he asked me.