Sunday, June 24, 2012

Etsy Nursery Inspiration

Hey guys! How have you been?! I have been been pretty busy around here! Working 2 jobs, getting together with friends and going to aquafit 2 times a week with my mom! I have one more week of work...and then get the summer off! (well kinda, I will be working a couple days a week at my second job!)
Next week is going to be super busy....appointment, ultrasound, first prenatal class, dinners, parties, and Canada Day! I have been pretty tired! 

Yesterday dad and I majorly cleaned the craft/"junk" room downstairs. There is still so much to do but it was a good start! We can't clear out the office for the nursery until we clean out the "junk" that we can move some of the stuff from the craft room into the "junk room"! (I call it the junk room because it is the room we put everything in that doesn't have a spot!) I will be working on it little by little!

Until then, I was checking out Etsy and found some cute inspiration for the nursery....Check it out...
 Maybe not so much the pattern but the colours for sure...aqua, yellow and green is what we are going with!

(This one might be too modern for us)

 I think we are going to go with birds/owls....I love them!

Of course we need some alphabet in there too

And here are the cutest alphabet cards...

So what do you think? I have so many other ideas too...(book shelves, tissue paper pompoms, bunting, yellow screen door etc. etc! ) I think I have too many ideas!!! hahah

I can't wait to start decorating!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

What we are up to....

Thank you so much for all your nice comments on our "big news!" we are so excited and still can't believe it!

So...I thought I would post what we have been up to! Well, not exactly what I have been up too..but what Michael is up to.... :)

When I went to work yesterday, Mike had a rain day and stayed home to take care of the upstairs hallway..

I can't find a before picture of the hallway just before he did it..with the chair and stuff...but here is one from when we moved in:
And here is one after we painted.
Nice carpet!!! (right!?)
We never pulled up the carpet because...we didn't want to put too much money into the house because we didn't think we would live here as long as we have....but with a baby on the way we have to make some changes to the house! And getting rid of the old yucky carpet is job number one!

We pulled a little corner of carpet up and saw nice wood floor..and crossed our fingers that it continued through the entire hall...this is what was under the carpet:
(This is the good part)
 This is where it is worn..for whatever reason. (I guess I have been going to the bathroom a lot lately....hahah)
 The bad news is that there are 2 broken boards that need fixing, and need entirely new there will be a difference in the wood. I think we are going to end up painting we did the downstairs hall,  office and closet room. I was a bit sad at first because I love the stained wood...but I will get over it! :) I am just glad the orange and gold carpet is gone! what colour should we paint it?
We will be painting soon I am sure. I will keep you posted and show "after" pictures!
Have a great weekend guys!!


P.S - The other jobs we want to tackle before baby comes are:

                           a) the carpet on the stairs...yikes!
b) The bathtub
        c) the kitchen floor!

and of course the nursery!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

The BIG News!

Hello!! Well, I said I would be back this week to fill you in on the reason why I haven't been blogging...I might have been very sick....most energy......sleeping LOTS.....can you guess now?! We are having a baby!! We are so excited!!

I am almost 16 weeks, or 4 months along!! We can't believe it! The baby is due in November!! So...that is the reason I haven't been understand, right?! :)

There will be some posts again because I have gained my energy back and am not feeling so sick!

 I am so excited to decorate the nursery! I have tons of plans for that! Pinterest is so addicting...I have so many ideas pinned...I don't know what to do! :)

Anyway, there you go! Hope you guys have a great weekend!!!