Sunday, June 24, 2012

Etsy Nursery Inspiration

Hey guys! How have you been?! I have been been pretty busy around here! Working 2 jobs, getting together with friends and going to aquafit 2 times a week with my mom! I have one more week of work...and then get the summer off! (well kinda, I will be working a couple days a week at my second job!)
Next week is going to be super busy....appointment, ultrasound, first prenatal class, dinners, parties, and Canada Day! I have been pretty tired! 

Yesterday dad and I majorly cleaned the craft/"junk" room downstairs. There is still so much to do but it was a good start! We can't clear out the office for the nursery until we clean out the "junk" that we can move some of the stuff from the craft room into the "junk room"! (I call it the junk room because it is the room we put everything in that doesn't have a spot!) I will be working on it little by little!

Until then, I was checking out Etsy and found some cute inspiration for the nursery....Check it out...
 Maybe not so much the pattern but the colours for sure...aqua, yellow and green is what we are going with!

(This one might be too modern for us)

 I think we are going to go with birds/owls....I love them!

Of course we need some alphabet in there too

And here are the cutest alphabet cards...

So what do you think? I have so many other ideas too...(book shelves, tissue paper pompoms, bunting, yellow screen door etc. etc! ) I think I have too many ideas!!! hahah

I can't wait to start decorating!



  1. I really love the first 2 owl photos. Its very you...and I am sure that little peanut will be quite comfy in that color scheme.
    When are you do?

  2. I've never heard of paintable wallpaper...what an amazing idea! I'm loving seeing nursery updates, can't wait to see the final result!