Sunday, October 25, 2009

My goal

Yesterday sister and I went thrifting. We didn't pick up too much stuff, which was too bad but we still had fun! It was a candle themed outing for me, thats for sure

I got a few things earlier in the week
Like 2 packs of thank you cards, a pack of velcro rollers and 2 plate stands for .50 each
My candle bases were $2 each and the hurricane was 1.50 And the vase was $1. Not too bad!

We went to the mall after and passed a lululemon. I have always wanted a pair of their yoga pants! But I am obviously the cheapest person alive! hahahah Kayla wanted a pair too so we made a goal! If we lost 10lbs, we would each go get a pair! Now I have really been struggling with my weight and am the heaviest I have been in my entire life. I just have no motivation! So I thought I would use this as a reward, if hmmm WHEN I reach my goal! Anyway, I had the fam over for chinese last night and we forgot the fortune cookies! I had one today and my fortune read

So I got very excited and want to get going on this weight loss journey! I feel I can do this and lose 10lbs in 2 months! (and if not I will be really embarassed and have to let you all know I couldn't do it!) I am starting tomorrow- October 26th-December 26th. yikes.

Wish me luck!

My mirror issue

This is what I got this week thrifting (Hazel and Ben really liked it!)

I painted it and now it looks like this:

(it is an awful picture. I took it tonight. You should always take your pictures in the day!)
And I did clean it, I swear! hahaha

Anyway, while I was hanging this I realized I have a mirror issue. I mean, I have

my new lovely $3 mirror in the hall

A mirror in the entrance way

A mirror in the living room above the fake mantle

One in the upstairs hall where I had that huge blank wall. (it is not finished obviously!)
p.s do you love that carpet or what? hahaha

I have one in our bedroom (I am changing this whole thing up)
I obviously have one in the bathroom.
I had one in the office but hazel knocked it over and it smashed

And I have one is the closet room (yes, closet ROOM) that I plan on painting!!
p.s I can't believe I took a picture when it was so messy! (don't tell my parents)

So what I am saying is that I have a mirror issue. They are EVERYWHERE! I am not full of myself, I swear! hahah

Does anyone else share this problem with me?

Friday, October 23, 2009


I am very happy.

My office makeover was mentioned on
The DIY Show Off

And my $3 mirror was mentioned on


as well as

Thank You!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thrift store finds

Well today between jobs I went thrifting. Now, I never find too much in oville. The stores are very small! But I still look and hope to find at least something that catches my eye. Today I found a few things, nothing too exciting but I will share them with you anyway.

I found this giant basket. I paid $5 for it too. I am so cheap. hahahah I thought that was a lot. I have no idea where I am going to put it, but I love baskets and have not seen one this big. See, Hazel looks like a midget in it!

  I found this 8x10 frame for $3. It is a really nice solid frame, I should go back and get the other

I found this candle base that has the price tag from winners ($9.99) I would not pay that! hahahahah $2

This little candle holder I plan to make a cake stand! horray! $1.50
and just 2 packs of cards and envelopes (.50 each)

(Kayla has got me hooked on looking at the cards when I go!)

Well that's it! Nothing special. Maybe tomorrow though? I think I am going thrifting in Shel!
Until then! Sweet dreams!

Check out all the other finds at The Dalomba Days Goodwill Goodies!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

3 little pumpkins...

Oh yes, and with the three white pumpkins I got today, I did this

Simple, easy and cute!

I am going to join:
The DIY Show Off

Come join and show off your fall projects!

My 3 dollar mirror!

I always loved this mirror

I found it at  HERE
I couldn't find any garden stakes, so I used coffee sticks. haha
A $2 mirror and $1 coffee sticks

I put a plate in the middle to keep the placement of the sticks all even, and glued the sticks on

I was listening to the Dead Weather, so I was happy!

Then it was time to paint
I also chose silver! (not black, aren't you surprised)

(leftover from the silver pumpkins)


I added a shelf but now do you think I should paint the mirror black? hahahah

It is in the hall next to the coat rack

 I think it turned out pretty good for a $3 mirror!

I am going to add it to the DIY day at a Soft Place to Land!


Another Fall Outing

Well today we checked off another thing off my fall list! We went apple picking!

While we were walking and picking we also saw some wildlife

It was a great day with the Mr.

On the way home we stopped at a pumpkin farm

I only picked up 3 mini white pumpkins. That place was packed!
It was a beautiful day and I had a lot of fun!

(and the apple crisp for dessert wasn't that bad either!)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bathroom Accessories

Well today I have been trying to keep busy while Mike is at work. I added some cute stuff to the bathroom to change it up a little. I havent changed anything on the shelf since the shelf was added 2 years ago! haha I mean I didn't change everything, just moved stuff around.

Here is a weird pic I cropped.

I added my new soap dish and glass jars with Q-tips, epson salt and cotton balls.
Do you think I should add chalkboard labels??
I also moved the basket from the top to the bottom and will fill it with hand towels (after I get some)
I wonder is Hazel will still sit with me in the new basket while I am in the shower?

I also changed the door a bit too

I did have this guy on there...then I got the sign in Meaford so I thought I would put it on the botton of the door

And can really tell my door needs to be painted! I don't like the wreath so I will have to see what else I can come up with.

Other than that, I have been painting some other stuff....

Like this  $5 chair I got Thursday.
I liked the colour of it already, but I am not brave enough to have a colour like that in my house!
I will show you all when it all comes together!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Office Makeover!

Well I am doing a quick entry on home improvement makeovers! I saw the link over at  The DIY Show off! Now, we have done a lot of makeovers, to almost every room in the house (cheap ones of course with paint and curtains) We are just renting! Anyway I was thinking about which room to show, and I think the office is still my favourite! I love the bedroom and bathroom too, but there are certain things I also don't like about those rooms!

Ok, so when we moved in, the whole house had carpet. EVERYWHERE! The kitchen, and even the bathroom! We took most of it out right away. Under the office carpet there was  a layer of old tile.

This is what the room looked like! It is just a small little room.
We took the tile off and under that was....

This! So we cleaned it up and lived with it like this for a while

Until I decided which colour to paint of course!  Mike wanted blue. I am not a fan of blue (it is my parent's fault, beige beige beige!) hhahahhah Anyway, I decided to  let him go with blue, since he would be in there most of the time. So we picked a nice grey blue! And I fell in love with it right away!

Added some nice brown curtains, and an area rug and voila!
We love it!

Now go join in the fun!

I can't wait to see everyone's before and after photos!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Now all you need is a little white...

Well I did a little painting today!
I got this on Saturday

 And now is looks like this

LOVE IT! Now I just need something to put in it!
I also got this little feathered friend at the dollarstore

I thought it was so cute. Added a little paint and...

In love!

I tried spray painting this guy and it was a disaster! So I ended up using a sponge and dabbing it with white paint (which gave it a textured look) I love the outcome!

See dad, you can paint ANYTHING!

Back to work tomorrow and already feeling a little better!