Sunday, October 25, 2009

My mirror issue

This is what I got this week thrifting (Hazel and Ben really liked it!)

I painted it and now it looks like this:

(it is an awful picture. I took it tonight. You should always take your pictures in the day!)
And I did clean it, I swear! hahaha

Anyway, while I was hanging this I realized I have a mirror issue. I mean, I have

my new lovely $3 mirror in the hall

A mirror in the entrance way

A mirror in the living room above the fake mantle

One in the upstairs hall where I had that huge blank wall. (it is not finished obviously!)
p.s do you love that carpet or what? hahaha

I have one in our bedroom (I am changing this whole thing up)
I obviously have one in the bathroom.
I had one in the office but hazel knocked it over and it smashed

And I have one is the closet room (yes, closet ROOM) that I plan on painting!!
p.s I can't believe I took a picture when it was so messy! (don't tell my parents)

So what I am saying is that I have a mirror issue. They are EVERYWHERE! I am not full of myself, I swear! hahah

Does anyone else share this problem with me?


  1. I think I am jealous of the closet ROOM! I'd kill for one! Ha!

    I don't think that it is an issue as much as it is an addiction...? Oh well, mirrors are nice and add flare to any room or wall. They can also make a small space (such as a hallway) look bigger than it actually is. So maybe too many mirrors is a good thing!

  2. Nothing wrong wtih mirrors! Makes the room little bigger. Or well, that is what someone told me at peir 1 once when i was in there looking at an $80 mirror that i didn't end up buying because i went to goodwill, got one for $7, and cleaned it up! it's so pretty now! :0D i love your ideas!

  3. yes I agree! It is an addiction! And I think I am ok with it now!! Thanks ladies!