Friday, July 23, 2010

Craft Time With Tori!

Last night Tori came over and we had a nice craft time.
She decided to fabric paint a white shirt. She chose a castle.
(the start of the shirt)
Of course Nelson wanted to help.
While she was doing that, I was finished some button earrings I made.
Cute black shiny ones and cute black ones with a gold line.
I then started my tshirt. I didn't have any craft paint so I used real spray paint. hahahah I don't know how it will wash, or hold up, or anything but it was just a test anyway, I am going to buy some spray fabric paint!
First I scrunched, then sprayed with black and silver. Then I added a contact paper image of a peace sign and sprayed again with a nickle colour.
There was a whole body shot, but it was an awful picture. I love how it turned out! lovelovelove!
Then in the middle I painted a "tattoo" on her back. ahha that was fun.
I also made a headband. fabric flowers, lace and a button.
Here is her castle shirt by the end, looking good! I can't wait to see the whole thing!

Well, I had a blast of course. Anytime I get to craft I am happy! Thanks T for coming over and for the yummy muffins! K, next time you better be here!!!  ox

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I was just reading my DIY weekly email (from Better Homes and Gardens) And fell in love. Do you think Michael would let me put up a canopy in our bedroom? I have always wanted one, even when I was a kid, but now after seeing these, I seriously need to get on it! hahahahah
Michael, pretty please with a cherry on top?!

New Entrance #2

Hey everyone! Well, do you like my new blog background?! I thought it was cute! I found it at Shabby Blogs. I also added some links at the top of my blog. I added an About Me section, Our home with before and after pictures, and features and awards. I think it makes it look more clean without the awards and such on the side. I like nice and clean!

Anyway, I was changing my entrance around yet again. When Benji passed away, we took his mat out and had lots of room to put the chest in there, and some other things. Remember it looked like this?!
(This part still looks the same)
I loved how it looked! I loved the chest for all our my shoes. But since Sadie came, I had to remove the chest and fit a bed in there! I was very lucky that my friend Judy was getting rid of a bed, because her dogs wouldn't sit on it. So Sadie has a brand new bed! Thanks Judy! xo The bed is rather large and fits exactly wall to wall. It was meant to be!! :) Because the bed is so big, everything had to come out. This is what it looks like now.
I put the bed down, added a barn board shelf (thanks uncle rob and aunt li for the barnboard!) And flipped a crate upside down with a pillow on top for a little seat.
 I couldn't get rid of "Benji" on the wall, I thought about it but couldn't do it! So I moved it to the other wall, and put "Sadie" above her new bed.

 (My new bottles from yesterday)
Sadie loves her new bed!
I still need a solution for shoes. As you can see in this picture there isn't much room left. I was thinking of somehow making a lid for the crate and storing shoes in there, or maybe getting a new cube or something. We will have to see what I come up with. Right now they are all still in the chest in the spare room! Does anyone have any ideas for a small space?!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Great Day!

Today was a geat day. I went over to mom and dads to visit and do laundry. I of course took Sadie with me. I made her a little accessory for her collar. It was so easy, I just took a  fake flower off the stem and sewed it to an elastic. I had it on a twist tie to make it easy to put on and off, but it didn't look very nice. I think she looks so cute with it on! I also bought her a cute purple bandana today so we will see how she looks in that too! :)

So, I was driving to my parents and saw a huge pile of stuff, with my favourite words, FREE! I dropped the dog off and picked up my dad (because there was a desk there and if I liked it, I would need some help putting it in my car!) I grabbed this:
I didn't grab the desk mainly because dad didn't think I should. (I really should have though, owell) I love that old glass mug! After I grabbed all this stuff I visited with gram, aunt les and jon. It was a nice day!
When I got home I went right to work with the picnic table.
poor, sad picnic table! But do notice the lovely grass!!! :)
I am only going to show you a bit, and wait for the big reveal, hopefully soon!
ooooh snap it looks good.
And finally, a couple pictures of my boys, who are now besties (since the dog is getting all the attention!)


Monday, July 19, 2010

My Summer To-Do List

Here are a few projects I want to make before summer is over!!!
When I went to work with Rachel today, in the living room, her mom had some feather balls. I am going to make some, something like this....
With fake feathers of course! I just googled and found these here
This tote:
And these bleach shirts (I would love to do it with a watergun too! :)
both found here
This beautiful pearl/lace bracelet found here
Some foot jewellry I googled and found here
and of course these from pottery barn ( what I bought the jars for yesterday)

So if anyone wants to come over and craft with me, let me know :)

Also I spoiled myself rotton and bought Martha Stewart embossing supplies today. Now my handmade cards are going to be even more awesome!

My recent Finds

I stole this from my lovely sister
My finds from yesterday's trip include:
small shelf/hooks, mini bird cage, 2 jars which I am going to make candle holders with some wire, and some sand from the "beach" (if that is ok guys!) hahah, a embroidery hoop. (Yes I am going to learn embroidery for pillows and bags!), a christmas candle holder, and small silver doilies. It was a very successful trip with K and T!! I had lot of fun!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Cute Tray

Today I have been working on a few things. One was with this tray. Remember I got it for $1?
It's cute but not my style. I wanted to keep the red edges so I thought I should cover up the middle somehow.

I twirled and glued for a while. I think it turned out really nice
Love it! The other thing I was working on involves this table cloth...but thats all I can say!
Well, I will tell you that it has something to do with the lonely corner in our yard.
Don't mind the really long grass! Hopefully it will be cut this weekend!
 I'm going to jazz it up! You wait!! While I was out there I thought I should take a picture of the garden to show you how much it is growing! Way better then last year!!
We expanded this garden by half this year. I'm glad we did. Those zucchini are out of control!

Last night we took Sadie to the pond. I could sit there all day, seriously. And I love to watch her explore. She is still very cautious and curious of the water! Mike decided to fish.
He caught one! Well of course Sadie was right in there, so curious!
No one has called yet, so it looks like we get to keep her!! It is great having another dog around. She is really sweet!

Well, enjoy your weekend and I will keep you posted on the transformation of the back corner!!

p.s I am linking the tray up here