Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Entrance #2

Hey everyone! Well, do you like my new blog background?! I thought it was cute! I found it at Shabby Blogs. I also added some links at the top of my blog. I added an About Me section, Our home with before and after pictures, and features and awards. I think it makes it look more clean without the awards and such on the side. I like nice and clean!

Anyway, I was changing my entrance around yet again. When Benji passed away, we took his mat out and had lots of room to put the chest in there, and some other things. Remember it looked like this?!
(This part still looks the same)
I loved how it looked! I loved the chest for all our my shoes. But since Sadie came, I had to remove the chest and fit a bed in there! I was very lucky that my friend Judy was getting rid of a bed, because her dogs wouldn't sit on it. So Sadie has a brand new bed! Thanks Judy! xo The bed is rather large and fits exactly wall to wall. It was meant to be!! :) Because the bed is so big, everything had to come out. This is what it looks like now.
I put the bed down, added a barn board shelf (thanks uncle rob and aunt li for the barnboard!) And flipped a crate upside down with a pillow on top for a little seat.
 I couldn't get rid of "Benji" on the wall, I thought about it but couldn't do it! So I moved it to the other wall, and put "Sadie" above her new bed.

 (My new bottles from yesterday)
Sadie loves her new bed!
I still need a solution for shoes. As you can see in this picture there isn't much room left. I was thinking of somehow making a lid for the crate and storing shoes in there, or maybe getting a new cube or something. We will have to see what I come up with. Right now they are all still in the chest in the spare room! Does anyone have any ideas for a small space?!

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