Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Great Day!

Today was a geat day. I went over to mom and dads to visit and do laundry. I of course took Sadie with me. I made her a little accessory for her collar. It was so easy, I just took a  fake flower off the stem and sewed it to an elastic. I had it on a twist tie to make it easy to put on and off, but it didn't look very nice. I think she looks so cute with it on! I also bought her a cute purple bandana today so we will see how she looks in that too! :)

So, I was driving to my parents and saw a huge pile of stuff, with my favourite words, FREE! I dropped the dog off and picked up my dad (because there was a desk there and if I liked it, I would need some help putting it in my car!) I grabbed this:
I didn't grab the desk mainly because dad didn't think I should. (I really should have though, owell) I love that old glass mug! After I grabbed all this stuff I visited with gram, aunt les and jon. It was a nice day!
When I got home I went right to work with the picnic table.
poor, sad picnic table! But do notice the lovely grass!!! :)
I am only going to show you a bit, and wait for the big reveal, hopefully soon!
ooooh snap it looks good.
And finally, a couple pictures of my boys, who are now besties (since the dog is getting all the attention!)



  1. I love the night before trash day, I find the best stuff, but I would have really flipped over those jars and frames....Your puppy looks darling in the summer collar!


  2. Aww I want a dog to decorate ;P

    Love all your finds. That picnic table is so awesome. Stupid "non-yard having" apartment... I'll live vicariously through you.