Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekly Nursery Update!

Another week has gone by and we have done more work to the nursery! It is coming closer and closer to decorating time!! I can't wait!

This week mom and dad snuck in while Mike and I were at prenatal class and finished the wallpaper!! I didn't notice until the next was pretty funny. It looks amazing! Lovelovelove it!

We also ordered our crib and dresser. They were both on sale which was a bonus and why we jumped on them so fast! We chose espresso! Here they are:
 I also bought an espresso cube and need to get some sort of storange boxes for it!
They have these colours at Home Depot for the fabric boxes but I am still not 100% sure if I want fabric or some type of wicker one!


Mike had a rain day and painted the ceiling and window trim! It is so white, and definitely needed to be repainted after 5 years of living here! It looks great!

I picked up all the paint this week too. We decided to go with a dark chocolate floor paint and the lighter aqua colour for the walls. I am excited to get this done!!!

so, that is a lot of progress for the week, don't you think?! Here is my to-do list from last week:

  1. painting the ceiling (just white)
  2. painting the walls ( light aqua)
  3. painting the floor ( thinking dark brown...the crib and accessories will be espresso and the carpet will be white. Thought that might look nice...
  4. paint the trim, window and door frame!  
  5. screen the door 
It is looking more and more like a room now!!! Horray!!!


Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Wish List : A cute rocker

I want this please:

cutest, most comfy rocking chair!!! This pattern would probably be too "busy" with my"busy" I would settle for this:

What do you think?!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY mobiles?!

I have been searching Pinterest for DIY baby mobiles...I was thinking since the room will have lots of owls...that might be cute, but I am really up to anything!! Here are some of the cute mobiles I have found:

The Design File....(used the "Spool" tutorial)
Make Great (also used "Spool" Tutorial)
found via Flickr...isn't the nursery gorgeous!?  
Baby Lifestyles 

This one was found on Etsy..I just thought it was so cute!
 I don't know what I will decide on...but I am loving the real twig for the mobile base!!! So cute!! Owls, trees, wood.....adorable!


Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekly Nursery Update!

Sometimes I feel this nursery is taking forever....I do know there is still a lot of time to go...I am just very antsy! hahahahah We don't even have the crib or anything yet, so it wouldn't be put up and in there anyway! ( I am just being impatient!) 

This week mom and dad came over and finished the wallpaper on the wall. The test wall from Monday worked out!!! It stayed up! They came Friday to ALMOST finish the job. We need to get one more roll of paper...of course....this is how much we need:
 Here is the room done:
 I am almost secretly wanting to keep it white. I think it looks nice and fresh. I don't want it to be too boring though, so will probably still go with the light aqua.

Mike installed the nursery screen door yesterday! We used the original door and cut out the top panels. We are planning on screening it! It is basically so we can keep the door closed and so the kitties can't go in...ever...we painted it yellow and I am in love! Here are some shots of the door:
We did both sides:
 A lot of work was done this week!!! So what is left?!
  1. painting the ceiling (just white)
  2. painting the walls ( light aqua)
  3. painting the floor ( thinking dark brown...the crib and accessories will be espresso and the carpet will be white. Thought that might look nice...
  4. paint the trim, window and door frame!  
  5. screen the door
So that is what is left. Now that the door is on, we will keep it shut all the time. No need for the kitties in there before the baby comes. They will have to get used to not being allowed in there anyway! I know if they were allowed in there, the crib would be their favourite sleep spot!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Nursery Update..and other things..

Today Dad came over and helped me put up some paintable wallpaper...okok...he didn't help....he did it all! I helped where I could but I really didn't do much. The walls are in really bad shape (through the whole house really) and we thought the paintable wallpaper would help. We are still not sure since it is drying but we will see...I think the walls are just in too bad of shape to fix. The paper looks cute though, especially for a nursery! Here is our test wall we did today:

I am still not sure if we should paint the whole wall aqua or put some trim halfway up and have the top aqua and the bottom white. Either way it will look adorable!!

In other nursery news, I printed out the cute free alphabet cards found HERE
I cut them out and used my corner rounder thingy..hahhah and thought they would look cute on the wall somewhere...hung on string with mini clothes pins?!

They also have cute alphabet posters you can print:
We are far from decorating yet, and I definitely have to cut some of my ideas out...I have way too many!
And for the last baby is my belly: 21 weeks, the size of a pomegranate

Do you think I could find a pomegranate anywhere?! I know they are out of season right now but I had one like 2 weeks ago....I checked all 7 grocery stores in the luck! Mike took the pic for me! Thanks babe!
 In other news I got a new phone. Not a fancy one or anything...but it is an android. So...I thought I would try out Twitter and Instagram!! I am loving Instagram!!! The word is still out on the whole Twitter thing...hahah If you want to add me my links are below..right now they are mostly on baby and house don't do it if that bores you! :)


So I guess that is all for updates. There is still so much to do, and I will continue to let you guys know as it happens!!


Friday, July 6, 2012


I am officially done work for the summer! I am working 2 shifts a week all summer long..they are 3.5 hour shifts so it's not too bad at all! I have been busy so far with appointments, prenatal classes, aquafit/pool party!, and being overall lazy. It is so hot here, I am staying in the house a lot of the time! There is a lot to do here, but I haven't really accomplished much...hahahah...that is what holidays are for, right?!

We have started to empty the office, and have also puttied the nail holes in the wall. Mike is moving some of his stuff out and downstairs a little each night. It is almost empty! I am still stuck on two colours for the wall:
Behr Windwood spring
 Behr Rivers Edge
They really aren't too different, one is basically darker. You think I would be able to decide!  hahaha They have been taped on the wall for days and like them both. They look more blue here and aqua on my paint chip! weird.

We bought our bedding at Babies R Us
 We are bringing yellow into the room too. I'm thinking:
 Behr Banana Split
(again, this doesn't look anything like my paint chip...weird)

 Mike is making a screen door (to keep the kitties out) and we are going to paint it yellow! I hope it looks good! There are little owls on the bedding so we will stick to an owl theme I think. I love owls! The Pouw's bought us the cutest white ceramic owl!! We are still debating on white or espresso crib/accessories!

The nursery is all I have focused on so far. I want to make a pennant, maybe a mobile?! I printed out alphabet cards to put up and maybe need some sort of pad for the rocking chair!

In baby news I am half way there! This is my 20th week! The baby is the size of a banana!
(I have been taking pictures with the fruit/veggies since week 14. I use the information found HERE)
I am huge! I have been big since week 12 but now I  feel I am really getting big.
I am still wearing most of my normal clothes, but just in the last week it has been a little more difficult to find something to wear!!! I might just live in maxi dresses all summer long!

I saw the babe this week. It was moving like crazy!! It is so amazing! The tech even sent me home with a small video and you see the heart beating and the baby swallow. awww.

I will keep you guys posted on the journey of the nursery. It might be slow but the end result will be amazing!
(I hope anyway) I am so excited!!!