Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekly Nursery Update!

Sometimes I feel this nursery is taking forever....I do know there is still a lot of time to go...I am just very antsy! hahahahah We don't even have the crib or anything yet, so it wouldn't be put up and in there anyway! ( I am just being impatient!) 

This week mom and dad came over and finished the wallpaper on the wall. The test wall from Monday worked out!!! It stayed up! They came Friday to ALMOST finish the job. We need to get one more roll of paper...of course....this is how much we need:
 Here is the room done:
 I am almost secretly wanting to keep it white. I think it looks nice and fresh. I don't want it to be too boring though, so will probably still go with the light aqua.

Mike installed the nursery screen door yesterday! We used the original door and cut out the top panels. We are planning on screening it! It is basically so we can keep the door closed and so the kitties can't go in...ever...we painted it yellow and I am in love! Here are some shots of the door:
We did both sides:
 A lot of work was done this week!!! So what is left?!
  1. painting the ceiling (just white)
  2. painting the walls ( light aqua)
  3. painting the floor ( thinking dark brown...the crib and accessories will be espresso and the carpet will be white. Thought that might look nice...
  4. paint the trim, window and door frame!  
  5. screen the door
So that is what is left. Now that the door is on, we will keep it shut all the time. No need for the kitties in there before the baby comes. They will have to get used to not being allowed in there anyway! I know if they were allowed in there, the crib would be their favourite sleep spot!


  1. I have a friend who used a lovely vintage screen door for this very purpose. Loved it then, still loving it now!! Can't wait to see your finished nursery.

  2. I am in love with the screen door too!!! So cute!