Monday, July 16, 2012

Nursery Update..and other things..

Today Dad came over and helped me put up some paintable wallpaper...okok...he didn't help....he did it all! I helped where I could but I really didn't do much. The walls are in really bad shape (through the whole house really) and we thought the paintable wallpaper would help. We are still not sure since it is drying but we will see...I think the walls are just in too bad of shape to fix. The paper looks cute though, especially for a nursery! Here is our test wall we did today:

I am still not sure if we should paint the whole wall aqua or put some trim halfway up and have the top aqua and the bottom white. Either way it will look adorable!!

In other nursery news, I printed out the cute free alphabet cards found HERE
I cut them out and used my corner rounder thingy..hahhah and thought they would look cute on the wall somewhere...hung on string with mini clothes pins?!

They also have cute alphabet posters you can print:
We are far from decorating yet, and I definitely have to cut some of my ideas out...I have way too many!
And for the last baby is my belly: 21 weeks, the size of a pomegranate

Do you think I could find a pomegranate anywhere?! I know they are out of season right now but I had one like 2 weeks ago....I checked all 7 grocery stores in the luck! Mike took the pic for me! Thanks babe!
 In other news I got a new phone. Not a fancy one or anything...but it is an android. So...I thought I would try out Twitter and Instagram!! I am loving Instagram!!! The word is still out on the whole Twitter thing...hahah If you want to add me my links are below..right now they are mostly on baby and house don't do it if that bores you! :)


So I guess that is all for updates. There is still so much to do, and I will continue to let you guys know as it happens!!


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