Friday, July 6, 2012


I am officially done work for the summer! I am working 2 shifts a week all summer long..they are 3.5 hour shifts so it's not too bad at all! I have been busy so far with appointments, prenatal classes, aquafit/pool party!, and being overall lazy. It is so hot here, I am staying in the house a lot of the time! There is a lot to do here, but I haven't really accomplished much...hahahah...that is what holidays are for, right?!

We have started to empty the office, and have also puttied the nail holes in the wall. Mike is moving some of his stuff out and downstairs a little each night. It is almost empty! I am still stuck on two colours for the wall:
Behr Windwood spring
 Behr Rivers Edge
They really aren't too different, one is basically darker. You think I would be able to decide!  hahaha They have been taped on the wall for days and like them both. They look more blue here and aqua on my paint chip! weird.

We bought our bedding at Babies R Us
 We are bringing yellow into the room too. I'm thinking:
 Behr Banana Split
(again, this doesn't look anything like my paint chip...weird)

 Mike is making a screen door (to keep the kitties out) and we are going to paint it yellow! I hope it looks good! There are little owls on the bedding so we will stick to an owl theme I think. I love owls! The Pouw's bought us the cutest white ceramic owl!! We are still debating on white or espresso crib/accessories!

The nursery is all I have focused on so far. I want to make a pennant, maybe a mobile?! I printed out alphabet cards to put up and maybe need some sort of pad for the rocking chair!

In baby news I am half way there! This is my 20th week! The baby is the size of a banana!
(I have been taking pictures with the fruit/veggies since week 14. I use the information found HERE)
I am huge! I have been big since week 12 but now I  feel I am really getting big.
I am still wearing most of my normal clothes, but just in the last week it has been a little more difficult to find something to wear!!! I might just live in maxi dresses all summer long!

I saw the babe this week. It was moving like crazy!! It is so amazing! The tech even sent me home with a small video and you see the heart beating and the baby swallow. awww.

I will keep you guys posted on the journey of the nursery. It might be slow but the end result will be amazing!
(I hope anyway) I am so excited!!!



  1. you look amazing! I like the lighter blue. I have always heard that a babies room in yellow could make them crazy. Your fruit pictures are cute!! Run with the owls, great idea!!

  2. cute! I love your new header. Also, can't you use both blues? they're both so nice!