Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baby DIY #5 - A Cute Little Owl

I had been searching Pinterest and Google for cute owl crafts for the nursery. I came across this cute owl pillow made of felt!!
 The templates and tutorial were there, so I printed the templates out, traced them on my felt and cut them out. I also used buttons for the eyes. Lauren helped me!
 Lauren did the eyes and I soon found out she is a super fast with a needle and she did most of it! Thanks Laur! xo
 I did some though, here is proof...don't mind the heart covering my's not my fault they are way bigger and popping out of all my tops..
 Here is our guy ready to STUFF!
 I did use the sewing machine to stitch around the owl. I used invisible thread. I just wanted it to be super the stuffing wouldn't come out!
 Here is it on my hand before I stuffed it!
And here it is in the nursery
 It turned out pretty cute if you ask me!
 I might have to cool it with the owls might be getting a little too over owled! hahahahhaha
Can you blame me though? Owls are soooo cute!


Friday, August 24, 2012

A SURPRISE Baby Shower!!

Sunday my mom and sister threw a surprise baby shower for me! This was in the works for weeks and I had no idea! They said a family friend was coming up and wanted to see me....that they had a gift for the baby...what little liars...hahahhahahah anyway, the secret was kept from me so that is a good thing..although I hate surprises..and got really red and hot..and didn't want to be there at first! I hate being the centre of attention! hahahahah

Most of my lovely family and some friends were there. It was great! I could tell my sister was checking out my PINTEREST many cute details that I pinned! Here are some quick pics..

The food and snacks were amazing...
 yummy sandwiches, veggies, fruit and sweets!!
 Yummy cake with my sister's famous butter cream icing!
 she also made these little chocolates...and hand painted parts with a tiny paint brush. If that isn't love I don't know what is...hahahahha
 red velvet cupcakes..covered in coconut..mmmm
 kay definitely saw these on my pinterest page...
 she even had rock candy (my fave) Those were the cupcakes I made for the visit with the FAKE family friend...hahahahah
She also saw that I pinned these..and made the cutest labels... "Ashley is ready to POP" and made yummy drizzled chocolate popcorn with mini M&M's! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

My family also decorated it so me!
 They had this cute banner where the guests left a message...
 So cute! They also had advice for MOM cards, and Wishes for Baby cards that people filled out!
Look at the pretty pinwheels! I took the green, aqua and yellow..maybe put them in the nursery!

I was spoiled rotton...seriously. So generous!!
Thank you to everyone who came and for all the lovely gifts!
And thank you to my mom and sister (and dad too) for everything.
It was amazing and I loved every second of it!



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Baby DIY #4 - A cute little toy box

I bought this box a few years ago thinking I would stain it and use it for magazines. 
Well, that never happened. It stayed unfinished and ended up being a box for us to throw all of our shoes into in the entrance after we took the trunk out of there. I was looking in antique stores with dad one day looking for some sort of an old crate to use for toys. I thought I could put some little wheels on it and put it in the nursery. We found some but they were all over priced! ($65!? really?!) I was driving home one day and the shoe crate popped into my head. I could make my own out of that!!! It is not in the best shape but it would work! Do you see the corner, how it is a little chewed? We can thank Sadie for that....
I decided on painting it yellow. The door is yellow but that is all at the moment and I didn't know how to bring more yellow into the room. I painted it right away and let it dry. Here it is after one coat.
Michael attached little wheels I got at Home cute.
Someone else liked the new toy box as much as me....

 Then I thought I would stencil the word "TOYS" on it or something...but then saw this while searching google:
Love the wood letters!
I bought the wood letters at Walmart and painted them brown. I attached them with small nails.
Then I just painted over the nails....
So what do you think?!

I can't wait to fill it with toys. Ahhh I am getting excited! 
I can't believe I am 27 weeks already....the baby is the size of a head of a rutabaga! What?! Where has the time gone?!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A little bit of this..a little bit of that...

Today I put this together:
 That's right! I got this lovely rocker and the ottoman as a gift....
Sunday my mom and sister threw a surprise baby shower for me! It was amazing..and I had no idea.
This is what they got me! I love that family of mine. I will post pics of the shower and all the amazing details soon!!

I also got this in the mail today:
I got to hear the babies heartbeat too...

Overall, I say it was a good day!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Wish List : Another rocker

Ok. So I found this rocking chair and ended up falling in love with it!! I was considering driving to the States to pick it up! That was until the crib and dresser went into the nursery....there is not enough room! I was very sad about this!!

You can buy different coloured slip covers if you like but I obviously liked the white! You can kind of see the espresso rocking legs under!? Sooooo pretty! It is $169.88 at Walmart in the States.... There is also at ottoman that goes with it.....
It is $ cute right!? Well, I guess I can dream.....hahahah

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Baby DIY #3 : Cute Curtains

This weeks baby DIY project involved curtains! I bought white curtain panels at Giant Tiger for the nursery. They ended up being a little too short. I didn't take a before picture, but you will see how short they were with the fabric being where it is.

I bought this fabric at Walmart:
 It has the yellow, aqua and white that I like. The green is a little off, but I didn't think that would matter too much!
I just cut it, pinned it and sewed! :) 
Here is the end result:
I am very happy with how they turned out! I have fabric left over so I am thinking of either making a tie to tie them back, adding a strip of fabric somewhere on the actual curtain, or making a pillow for the rocking chair! We will see!!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekly Nursery Update

So, I think from here on out I am going to decorate the nursery and keep it a secret until the big reveal!!! You guys don't want me to wreck the surprise, do you!? Maybe I will update you if I get certain things, but I won't show you the room until it is all or almost all done!!! What I can tell you now:

The crib and dresser came this week!
Here is the crib:
(and the bed skirt. It is aqua...and needs to be ironed! :) )
 Here is the dresser:
 Also here is the cube organizer:
 I bought the fabric drawers to go into it....with the fake wood finish..I thought they were kinda cool...but I ended up hating them so I switched them around to the just brown side. I might add some sort of label or decoration to the box.
 After I took the above picture I realized I never put the backs on the spots that didn't have baskets. So here it is all done. Looks so much better!
 And I think that is all I am going to tell you until it is all done! Like I said I might post little things here and there, but I want the end result to be a surprise!! Also keep your eye out for more DIY projects! You will see some pretty cute ones shortly!