Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Baby DIY #4 - A cute little toy box

I bought this box a few years ago thinking I would stain it and use it for magazines. 
Well, that never happened. It stayed unfinished and ended up being a box for us to throw all of our shoes into in the entrance after we took the trunk out of there. I was looking in antique stores with dad one day looking for some sort of an old crate to use for toys. I thought I could put some little wheels on it and put it in the nursery. We found some but they were all over priced! ($65!? really?!) I was driving home one day and the shoe crate popped into my head. I could make my own out of that!!! It is not in the best shape but it would work! Do you see the corner, how it is a little chewed? We can thank Sadie for that....
I decided on painting it yellow. The door is yellow but that is all at the moment and I didn't know how to bring more yellow into the room. I painted it right away and let it dry. Here it is after one coat.
Michael attached little wheels I got at Home cute.
Someone else liked the new toy box as much as me....

 Then I thought I would stencil the word "TOYS" on it or something...but then saw this while searching google:
Love the wood letters!
I bought the wood letters at Walmart and painted them brown. I attached them with small nails.
Then I just painted over the nails....
So what do you think?!

I can't wait to fill it with toys. Ahhh I am getting excited! 
I can't believe I am 27 weeks already....the baby is the size of a head of a rutabaga! What?! Where has the time gone?!



  1. great redo! It looks like it's all coming along rather nicely!!

  2. Thank you! It did! I had so much fun! haha