Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A little bit of this..a little bit of that...

Today I put this together:
 That's right! I got this lovely rocker and the ottoman as a gift....
Sunday my mom and sister threw a surprise baby shower for me! It was amazing..and I had no idea.
This is what they got me! I love that family of mine. I will post pics of the shower and all the amazing details soon!!

I also got this in the mail today:
I got to hear the babies heartbeat too...

Overall, I say it was a good day!



  1. Oh, I can see you rocking in a baby in that chair, what fun to have a surprise shower...I have never had anyone throw me a surprise anything.


  2. It was great Carol!! Although I don't like surprises..and at first I went red and got really hot..and didn't want to be there...hahahhaha...but I relaxed and ended up having an amazing time! :)