Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 10 favourite projects of 2012!

Here are my top 10 favourite projects from 2012!
After searching the blog I really didn't post or craft too much this year! We will see what 2013 brings for the blog and if I will be able to blog/craft as much with a little babe!
As usual number one is my most favourite project

I was very proud of my cute felt owl

I thought my first ever Easter mantel turned out pretty good!

I love how the painted place mats look on the table

Love everything birch!

This was my first baby the banners

How cool is this deer head?!

Love how the chocolate cupcake toppers turned out

Loved my first every Halloween mantel

Lovelovelove the paper owl art for the nursery

And my number one favourite project would be the nursery!! It is my favourite room in the house and the one I am most proud of! I hope Adalyn loves it as much as I do! 

Not too bad 2012!! Let's see what 2013 brings!


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday and take some time to relax and enjoy each other!


Monday, December 17, 2012

Cute Baby DIYs!

Here are a couple easy baby projects I have done the last couple of days...

I made some headbands! I picked up a pack of these headbands at the dollarstore..and some embellishments..
I also found ribbon and a big silver button in my stash! (And literally glued them on.) Super easy!
They are still a little bit big...but they will fit the little string bean soon enough!
I also made this super easy onesie..
I can't really take credit for it...I found this iron on at Walmart! so cute!...I just ironed it on to the onesie! Cute right?!
 How cute is my model?! Love her!
I also made a couple of Christmas onesies! I used the famous freezer paper stencil method my sister in law is pro at...let me tell was a lot of fun! I want to make more! hahahahaha
Anyway I couldn't find nice fabric paint that I liked (our walmart sucks and there is not a craft store around here!) But I found these Martha Stewart paint and it says it works on fabric...we will have to see how it washes! Anyway, here they are when I painted them:

And here are the finished products...after I took the stencil off...what do you think? 
 Adalyn also got a handmade gift! Aunt Lauren made her some mitts! 
How sweet!? Homemade gifts are the best!! Thanks Lauren!

I'm sure there will be more baby projects coming soon! I have so many ideas in my head...I just have to find the time!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Salt Dough Ornaments

Before the baby came I got to make a little bit of a mess....
 Fun right?! I thought I would make some salt dough ornaments/gift tags! I showed you the ornament last month in my Christmas I thought I would attempt it myself! It was very easy..the only thing that I didn't like was that I had "unbleached" all purpose they are not very white..I am thinking I am going to have to paint them now!

Anyway, here are the ones I made:
 Do you see the paw print ones?! The cats were easy but Sadie wanted to eat the dough the entire time...hahahahh I had to do hers quickly.

And here is the recipe I found at Oleander and Palm:

Salt Dough
1 cup salt
2 cups flour
1cup water

Mix all ingredients together with a mixer until a smooth dough forms.  To dry the dough, bake in a 250F oven for at least 3 hours. For the ones with black I just used  a normal stamp and stamp pad to make it show up...but am thinking I am going to have to paint over it because I don't like the yellow colour! boo. I also put the ornaments on parchment paper! I used an end of a paint brush to make the holes!

I decided to paint them because I wasn't happy with the "yellow" colour. Here they are after I painted them

I thought I would be able to re-stamp them...but that didn't work out! Then I tried using a fine tip marker but they just looked ridiculous. SO I threw out the "To/from" ones and the candy cane ones!!

I decided to glitter the rest and used a coffee filter to keep the glitter all in one place

Here are the finished ornaments!

I was going to give the "P" away to all of Mike's family but I don't think they look good enough to give away!! I did put the paws on my tree though. I love them!!! time...get real white flour and all will be good! :)


Friday, December 7, 2012


It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here! Ok, it has looked this way for a while! I actually put my tree and some other decorations up before the baby came. I secretly knew I would be tired and lazy!! I still have bins of decorations I planned on getting out but I am not going to bother now. The living room is the only room I care about being is where we spend most all of our time!! I have a few decorations upstairs, and some on the cabinet in the kitchen but that is about it! Anyway, here is my living room:
That is my rocker from the nursery....I spend all my time down here so I brought it down!
 I picked up the glass trees and deer at the end of the season last year
 Harrison checking out the presents!
I love Christmas and love all the decorations! Can you see the spot on the tree where the set of lights went out!? We had a set of lights go out last year, on before we even put the lights on the tree and then this one...I think it is time to get all new lights!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My sweet baby girl

She is here!!! Adalyn Sofia was born November 13th and weighed 7lbs 6 oz.
I could not be more in love!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

It's your Mommy here.
 I cannot believe your Daddy and I get to meet you today. We are so excited! It seems like yesterday we found out we were having you! It was a Sunday, I of the happiest days of my life. We waited almost 3 months to tell our family, we wanted to make sure everything was okay first. It was the hardest secret to keep. Everyone is so excited to meet you! You are going to be showered with lots of love! I can't believe this journey is coming to an end and you will be in our arms anytime.

It is crazy that you went from the size of a blueberry..........
7 weeks
 15 weeks
 21 weeks
 24 weeks
28 weeks
 32 weeks
 36 weeks

 38 weeks the size of a watermelon at 39 weeks today! 

I know you are coming early but it is for our safety. I hope everything ends up ok, and you are healthy and strong! The Doctor said you were 7lbs 9oz at our last appointment...we will have to see how true that is!

We can't wait to find out if you are a girl or a boy....can't wait to kiss you, play with you and love you.
(And maybe squish those cute, chubby cheeks we saw you had at our last ultrasound)

See you soon sweet babe.

Love, your Mommy

Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas 2012

Well, as most of you already know Christmas is my favourite time of year! I lovelovelove everything about it! (but most of all I love the beautiful decorations!) Almost every year living here I have changed up the decorations/colour combos of the tree and decor. However this year I am going to keep it as it was last year. I love my current colour combo of brown/white and green! Throw a little gold in there and you are set!!!

In 2007 (when we moved in together)  the tree was burgundy and gold
Look at the lovely carpet!! I don't miss that at all!! hahaha
2008 the tree stayed about the same....with a new topper and tree skirt
In 2009, we got rid of the burgundy and added brown instead. Brown and gold
In 2010 we kept the brown and gold, but added white to it.
and then last Christmas, 2011, we kept the brown, gold and white and added some green to the mix!
I love how the tree looked last year. I loved how all the colours looked together!!! That is the main reason I am keeping the tree as is this year!! Also because I have not seen another colour combo that I like better! 

This year I am loving everything glitter, and everything deer!! I know with having this baby shortly I probably will not have time to DIY anything new this year, but here is what is catching my eye at the moment:

adding 2 small wreaths to the cabinet in the kitchen

snowflake wreath

Love this Burlap Banner!

Loving the white stockings!!

Glitter everything!

Where could I put this!?!!

And I really want to make some of these salt dough ornaments/gift tags:

I know I made a list like this last year and didn't complete any of it! hahahahahh And with a baby, it is not looking good either!! But I will see what I can do! Maybe I can get a head start while I am here on bed rest!!!!!