Friday, December 7, 2012


It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here! Ok, it has looked this way for a while! I actually put my tree and some other decorations up before the baby came. I secretly knew I would be tired and lazy!! I still have bins of decorations I planned on getting out but I am not going to bother now. The living room is the only room I care about being is where we spend most all of our time!! I have a few decorations upstairs, and some on the cabinet in the kitchen but that is about it! Anyway, here is my living room:
That is my rocker from the nursery....I spend all my time down here so I brought it down!
 I picked up the glass trees and deer at the end of the season last year
 Harrison checking out the presents!
I love Christmas and love all the decorations! Can you see the spot on the tree where the set of lights went out!? We had a set of lights go out last year, on before we even put the lights on the tree and then this one...I think it is time to get all new lights!


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