Friday, February 26, 2010

Ooh laa laa

Since deciding not to go to my 2nd sewing course (drapes) I still have Gramma's $50. I sure put it to good use tonight. I bought all of this for $36!!! Well, before taxes!
Lets break it down
This guy was reg $19.99, on sale for $3!
This frame was originally $12.99 on for $3
I thought these were cute, with a paint job? They are jars. The lids come off.
small: orig $12.99, paid $3
Medium: orig: $19.99, paid $5
Large orig: $24.99, paid $7

I forgot to take a picture of this candle holder, so I cropped it...awful pic.
Anyway, This was originally $24.99 on for $5
These lovely mirrors were $24.99 each I got them for $2 a piece!! They are rather chipped but nothing I can't fix!!!  I have been watching these for months. (markdowns) The last I saw they were $7 each. I am cheap what can I say? Owell, I am glad I waited!!

So I spent $36 before taxes, and if they weren't on sale it would have cost $240.89 before taxes!! wahoo

I love all my finds. Thanks Gramma!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

1 easy mini makeover

This sewing thing is awesome. I am still learning and am not the best...but I can whip stuff up just like that! I have 2 of these chairs. Mom and dad let me borrow them? have them? I don't know...and they had these cushions
They were originally outside chairs but are in my house.
Anyway, I took some white burlap and sewed a cover...
It was so fast and easy! And I love them!!
Pillows are next so stay tuned!!

p.s There is a PD day tomorrow which means no work! Wahoo. I love 4 day weeks.
(Especially 2 of them in a row!)

Thrift Store Finds

On Friday Sherry from work brought boxes of material for me to sort through from her mom. She said whatever I didn't want she would give back to her and she would give it to the church. (They were making blankets for the soldiers in Afghanistan.)  I didn't want to be greedy so I only took this stash.
Look at all the florals!! love! I see some summer dresses and skirts in the furture!! hah. This was only the 1st box. She still has 2 more!!

Sister and I went thrifting yesterday. We didn't get too much (which is good) but Kayla only got 1 thing, and I thought that was unacceptable. hahahahahah I grabbed this
more glass! I know!! hahaha. I took the square candle holder, threw some rocks in and voila.
And I made a little home for my bird with this:
For the little guy I added it to the growing collection of apothecary jars. I now have 5. Do you think that is too many?
They are filled with
I also grabbed this sweater for a pottery barn knock off sweater pillow
As well as this stuff for Easter
I am going to attempt Mad in Crafts Dollarbarn Easter decorations! If you haven't seen them check them out!
One more for fun!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My $2 art.

I saw this over at MX Momma and put it away in my to-do folder. I decided to only do one part of it though!

First I picked up this canvas at the dollarstore for $2! Yes I know, $2! It is now a dollarama PLUS. booo
Anyway I traced the letters on the canvas with pen
And started painting away!
I made a few mistakes on the way, but thats ok no one will see it. (oh, I also re-traced the letters with permanent marker.) next comes...
glaze and paint..and voila
All you need is love. I think it would look really nice framed as well.

Oh I also made this yesterday.
This cute little pin cushion. Recognize the lace sister? hahahahha
I love it.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Just a few things I forgot to show you.
I got all this at the thrift store last week for $6.75!
beautiful jar $2.99, candle sticks .99 each, books: simply in season and the juicing bible .50 each, pattern for .50 and square knot jewellry from the 70's .25! Love

Also where ever I am, this guy seems to follow. He is getting so big!
His eye has been watering. Does anyone know why that might be? I should go get him checked out.

I have the day off today because of Family Day. How exciting! I am planning on doing a little sewing and making something nice. I hope it turns out!!

On a sad note, my puppy is sick. (he is not a puppy, he is almost 13) He is hardly eating, so he is loosing weight and is so skinny now. He is also breathing heavily. It will cost $500 to find out what is wrong, and they said that sometimes they can't even find out. They said he is not suffering as of now, but if he starts to we should put him down. It makes me so sad. We inherited him with the house when we moved in so we have only had him for 3 years. He is my favourite!!! I am preparing myself for the worst.
This picture was taken yesterday. So skinny and weak. 
Love you Ben!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day! Mom and dad got Mike and I a gift.
Love it!! and the jelly beans too! mmm Thanks mom and dad!! xoo

This morning I woke up, put tea on and hid the clues to my scavenger hunt while Michael was still in bed. In every envelope there was a giftcard for a date night. Dinner, movies in, movies out, A Jays game..etc etc. 7 in total. I also got him some sweets
He got me these beautiful hot pink roses and chocolate kisses! love.
And wrote me a beautiful poem. I liked that the best!
We stayed pretty quiet. Relaxed. Dinner
And maybe a little dance. aw. It was great.
I hope everyone had a great day!


Yesterday was lovely. I headed to the N Market with K and T.
 We went thrifting and to the mall. I didn't get too much
Just this lovely chair, 2 scarves, a mag and basket...(can you see potted plants in it outside in the summer?)
Someone really liked this basket
After was dinner at ma and pa's because Sister was home.
She braided my bangs
aaah hahahahha

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Weekend slash Vtine's Day Decor!

I picked up some stuff on friday at this new liquidation place! Well, I hadn't heard of it before until a flyer appeared in the paper so I don't know if it was new! Anyway...I picked up
This basket and 3 brand new patterns for .99 each! Also
This pottery barn book, and something for my sister! (so I can't show you!)
Anyway,  not a bad place. It will probably be a hit and miss kind of thing!
I also picked these up
So beautiful! I want spring to come very badly. I am in that dark gloomy winter mood. Do you get that?!
I also tried my take at the burlap wreath. Oh. DISASTER!
(only because the form I used wasn't as strong so it bends and is not a complete circle. hahahahah I will try again though, because I like the look of it! I will let you know how that goes!)

My college roomate came up for a visit in the country yesterday!
We went skating, played some wii, watched a little Dexter and had dinner. It was very nice. We should do it way more often!

Well, I guess now I was show you my little Valentine's Day corner
It's not much, but I never ever decorate for Valentine's Day. There are still so many projects I have book marked, but it looks as though my time is running out!!
I wrapped the wreath that was already there with ribbon
Made this little pillow from my old sweater that had some major holes
I loved this sweater!!
Got this red plate at the dollarstore
Filled my beautiful jars with candy. How do you like the big one? Ma and Pa got that for me! Love! I also recall there being more candy in those jars.......Michael....
And just some painted candle sticks. (I have to light those candles!)
And that's all she wrote! There may be one or two more projects before Sunday. I will let you know for sure if there will be! 

Back to work tomorrow. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Oh p.s My sewing class was just fine. There were 6 of us in total and everyone was very nice! Nothing to worry about of course. I will have to show you my pj pants I finish!!