Friday, February 26, 2010

Ooh laa laa

Since deciding not to go to my 2nd sewing course (drapes) I still have Gramma's $50. I sure put it to good use tonight. I bought all of this for $36!!! Well, before taxes!
Lets break it down
This guy was reg $19.99, on sale for $3!
This frame was originally $12.99 on for $3
I thought these were cute, with a paint job? They are jars. The lids come off.
small: orig $12.99, paid $3
Medium: orig: $19.99, paid $5
Large orig: $24.99, paid $7

I forgot to take a picture of this candle holder, so I cropped it...awful pic.
Anyway, This was originally $24.99 on for $5
These lovely mirrors were $24.99 each I got them for $2 a piece!! They are rather chipped but nothing I can't fix!!!  I have been watching these for months. (markdowns) The last I saw they were $7 each. I am cheap what can I say? Owell, I am glad I waited!!

So I spent $36 before taxes, and if they weren't on sale it would have cost $240.89 before taxes!! wahoo

I love all my finds. Thanks Gramma!!


  1. omg, What a great day for you!!! Awesome finds!

  2. Fantastic deal! I especially love the jars that look like the tops of elaborate mosque spires.

  3. such great finds! i'm jealous!!
    btw..i ♥ the new look of your blog.

  4. Amazing finds you got there!
    Thank goodness for generous Grannies, right? :-)


  5. great shopping! I went on Sunday and bought the little black square mirror for .50 cents. it was really chipped but I've painted it and it looks good as new

  6. I love all your finds! Isn't that the best feeling getting all that great stuff for so cheap? I love it! And I can't wait to see what you do with everything!

  7. Hi Ashley, Just found your blog and I like it. Wanted to tell you about my dog I used to have a german shepherd that got sick and lost alot of weight. The vet told me he could send him to the university of Iowa vet hospital to see if he had cancer but it would cost more than I could afford. Then he suggested I change his dog food to Science Diet so I did and he got better. He was a little younger than your doggie, but maybe. We can pray it would work. Just know how you feel and had to tell you. Love , Theory a country gal in Iowa

  8. Hi I just popped over to say hello! You have a very pretty blog!! You certainly found some bargains!! Thank you Gran!!

  9. Theory,

    Ben is doing better! I went out a bought a nice bag of all natural food, and he is now eating again. He is still very skinny from not eating, but he is eating!!! His breathing is better too!

    Now do you want to hear the funny part? My almost 3 year old kitty Hazel has the exact same symptoms. A cold maybe? I don't know what it is but she is not eating and breathing hard. I am taking her to the vet tomorrow.