Monday, January 31, 2011

My First Attempt

Remember this?!
I bet you all guessed what I was going to do with it...CHALKBOARD!
I tried to take the easy way out. I tried to use chalkboard paper instead of paint.
I found this chalkboard paper at the dollarstore. It was a perfect fit. I thought I could stick it right onto the painting instead of on a piece of cardstock and over the painting. It didn't stick. Then instead of putting the cardstock over the painting, I tried gluing the paper on....and putting cardstock at the back to strengthen the canvas.
It was my first attempt.
I guess you will get the idea though...
I decided to leave the frame gold. I thought I would paint it white all along, but as it was leaning up against the cupboard I decided I loved it the way it was. Anyway...the paper didn't stick well, even with the glue. This is what happened:
I have learned my lesson. I will not try to rush anything ever again. It never turns out the way you want.
I will start again, do it right and use chalkboard paint!
Anyway, it was only my first attempt! xo

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Black Keys Are My Brothers!!!

My new fave shirt.
Cute right?! I thought so.
I'm in love with The Black Keys!!
Ok, that was all. hahaha.

Dear Kayla:

Dear Kayla:
I found the frame! The frame we were looking for!
And for half the price. I bet you don't know how excited I was!
I gasped out loud. Then had to carry it out of there all by myself.
I thought $13.99 was pretty good compared to all the others we looked at ($24.00 and up) I'm glad I waited.
I am going to start working on it today. Horray. I'll keep you posted.

Love, Ashley

Sunday, January 23, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things...

I was lucky enough to get some Christmas and Birthday money from Gramma! (Thanks Gram!) I have spent almost all of it! I have gone a little shop crazy and have to stop! hahahah. Here the things I am in love with at the moment!!
 My dollarstore Canada hat!
My $9 GT bag!!
My dollarstore pearl headbands (3 to a pack) This is the thin one, there is also a thicker one
My 2 for $5 nailcolour...bright pink and a deep purple/brown
My nude lipstick by Joe ($6) and my nude nailcolour ($?)
Ecotools Brushes! Lovelovelove them!
My cute hat from Ardene 70% off....$2.85
My Pur Minerals Starter kit ($35) LOVE!
And wearing my hair all these new ways since it is long now!! Picture 1 sidebun with twirls. Picture 2 yes I wore this to work! hahahah Take your two pigtail braids and attach them at the top. And picture 3 Biggest, most messy bun! (which I wear most of the time when I'm at home!)

So that's it! That's what I love!
There is finally a decorating post on the way as well. Probably tomorrow so stay tuned!!

A Little Behind...My Birthday!

ok, maybe I'm a little behind...My 26th birthday was on January 16th. Getting older freaks me out a little...but it wasn't too bad for me this year...UNTIL someone said I was 4 off 30..then that freaked me out! hahah. But I quickly put those feelings away..because I know it is going to be a GREAT year!

I woke up to breakfast in bed and balloons all over the house. I was spoiled rotton by Michael, as well as his family when we went over to visit. Then we went to my parents for dinner. This is what greeted me.
Spoiled again!! 
And also puts pictures up on the fridge every year.
 We had a veggie stir fry and rice for dinner(my fave meal) was delicious! And mom even made me vegan cupcakes that were great. We added a little coconut dairy free ice cream to finish it off! (I was doing another vegan cleanse)
 Kayla always phones and sings to me when everyone sings happy birthday. I love it.

I am so lucky to be surrounded by such loving family. It was another great birthday, one I will definitely remember!! Thank you everyone!! xo

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A random post

Hellooooo! How is everyone? It seems as though I haven't posted a project in a while. I have so many on the go, but haven't finished any of them! I am pretty busy...lots going on and feel like I have no time to do anything! I was going to join Domestically Speaking's kitchen organizational party but have no time to organize the pantry. I stepped in it...and felt immidiate anxiety. I didn't want to post the picture because you all might think I need to be on the show "Hoarders"...this is the only room in the house that looks like this!! I promise!! Attention mom and dad: Don't look!
ahhh it is insane. Here is the list of stuff I want to organize around here
1. organize pantry
2. organize and finish closet
3. clean out kitchen cupboards and drawers
4. clean out bathroom cupboards and drawers

I will get to it! There are also a number of projects for the house I want to complete, as well as for Valentine's Day. I will post something soon!!!

Guess what I came home to today?!
My sexy boyfriend bought me a mini orchid. I had never seen a mini one until last week when we were shopping and thought it was cool! It was on the windowsill when I came home!! lovelovelove! It is so cute. Here is it next to my water bottle!
And so pretty! Thanks baby! I love you! oxo

On another note I have a new crush..........hahahahahah
My most favourite band is the Black Keys! Lovelovelove them!
The guy on the left (Dan) looks a little scary...Patrick looks pretty normal...hahah.. Anyway they have gained some success and are nominated for 6 grammy awards..and I guess had to clean up a little..look at them now!
Dan is so handsome! Who would have thought that was hiding under that beard?!
He is definitely my new crush.

What a random post.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Top 10 moments of 2010! (A Picture Post)

Ashley from Domestic Fashionista is hosting a party! She is hosting a "Top 10 Moments of 2010!" I thought I would join in the fun!! There were so many great memories in 2010...but these are some of my faves! (or at least ones I have pictures of!) These are in random order, except number 1 which is my most favourite moment!

My 25th birthday! We went to Niagra Falls, skated on the pond at Mike's parents and had a lovely dinner at my parents! It was the best birthday!
Visiting sister at University! We always have tons of fun! xo loveyou!
Getting Harrison and Nelson at the SPCA and finding Sadie on our porch! It is a full house but I love it!
on a sad note, I will miss Ben and Hazel! R.I.P!
Random fun nights with my favourite girls!!!
Photoshoot with T and K
Going to see Pavement in Toronto with Mike!
Canada Day fireworks and a bonfire at Mike's parents!
Baseball game with Mike!
Mike's 25th birthday bonfire!

And my number 1 most favourite moment of 2010 was getting engaged at the apple orchard! (obviously!)


It has been an amazing year full of amazing memories! I can't wait to see what 2011 brings!
I'm sure it will be even more wonderful!

Go join in the fun at Ashley's here!!

p.s- it is really hard to show your favourite memories when your boyfriend doesn't want to be seen on the blog and he is in most of the pictures!! hahah owell.