Thursday, January 13, 2011

A random post

Hellooooo! How is everyone? It seems as though I haven't posted a project in a while. I have so many on the go, but haven't finished any of them! I am pretty busy...lots going on and feel like I have no time to do anything! I was going to join Domestically Speaking's kitchen organizational party but have no time to organize the pantry. I stepped in it...and felt immidiate anxiety. I didn't want to post the picture because you all might think I need to be on the show "Hoarders"...this is the only room in the house that looks like this!! I promise!! Attention mom and dad: Don't look!
ahhh it is insane. Here is the list of stuff I want to organize around here
1. organize pantry
2. organize and finish closet
3. clean out kitchen cupboards and drawers
4. clean out bathroom cupboards and drawers

I will get to it! There are also a number of projects for the house I want to complete, as well as for Valentine's Day. I will post something soon!!!

Guess what I came home to today?!
My sexy boyfriend bought me a mini orchid. I had never seen a mini one until last week when we were shopping and thought it was cool! It was on the windowsill when I came home!! lovelovelove! It is so cute. Here is it next to my water bottle!
And so pretty! Thanks baby! I love you! oxo

On another note I have a new crush..........hahahahahah
My most favourite band is the Black Keys! Lovelovelove them!
The guy on the left (Dan) looks a little scary...Patrick looks pretty normal...hahah.. Anyway they have gained some success and are nominated for 6 grammy awards..and I guess had to clean up a little..look at them now!
Dan is so handsome! Who would have thought that was hiding under that beard?!
He is definitely my new crush.

What a random post.

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