Sunday, January 23, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things...

I was lucky enough to get some Christmas and Birthday money from Gramma! (Thanks Gram!) I have spent almost all of it! I have gone a little shop crazy and have to stop! hahahah. Here the things I am in love with at the moment!!
 My dollarstore Canada hat!
My $9 GT bag!!
My dollarstore pearl headbands (3 to a pack) This is the thin one, there is also a thicker one
My 2 for $5 nailcolour...bright pink and a deep purple/brown
My nude lipstick by Joe ($6) and my nude nailcolour ($?)
Ecotools Brushes! Lovelovelove them!
My cute hat from Ardene 70% off....$2.85
My Pur Minerals Starter kit ($35) LOVE!
And wearing my hair all these new ways since it is long now!! Picture 1 sidebun with twirls. Picture 2 yes I wore this to work! hahahah Take your two pigtail braids and attach them at the top. And picture 3 Biggest, most messy bun! (which I wear most of the time when I'm at home!)

So that's it! That's what I love!
There is finally a decorating post on the way as well. Probably tomorrow so stay tuned!!