Monday, February 15, 2010

Just a few things I forgot to show you.
I got all this at the thrift store last week for $6.75!
beautiful jar $2.99, candle sticks .99 each, books: simply in season and the juicing bible .50 each, pattern for .50 and square knot jewellry from the 70's .25! Love

Also where ever I am, this guy seems to follow. He is getting so big!
His eye has been watering. Does anyone know why that might be? I should go get him checked out.

I have the day off today because of Family Day. How exciting! I am planning on doing a little sewing and making something nice. I hope it turns out!!

On a sad note, my puppy is sick. (he is not a puppy, he is almost 13) He is hardly eating, so he is loosing weight and is so skinny now. He is also breathing heavily. It will cost $500 to find out what is wrong, and they said that sometimes they can't even find out. They said he is not suffering as of now, but if he starts to we should put him down. It makes me so sad. We inherited him with the house when we moved in so we have only had him for 3 years. He is my favourite!!! I am preparing myself for the worst.
This picture was taken yesterday. So skinny and weak. 
Love you Ben!


  1. Maybe your kitty got some dirt or fir in his eye? Ask your vet, maybe they would recommend you do an eye saline rinse first to see if that clears anything up. Johnson's baby shampoo is the most gentle cleaner for eyes (my vet rec. this for my pup- and its tear free)

    So sorry to hear about Ben. It's so hard to see your pets have hard times like this- That poor baby, he'll be in my thoughts!

    Great finds at the thrift store, by the way!

  2. thanks for the advice with the kitty
    and also for your kind words!

  3. Aww I hate it when someone's pet becomes sick. I know all of our pets are just like members of our family and when one hurts, everyone hurts. I'll be praying for him. Is he drinking? If so you might ought to try getting him to drink some Pedialite? Not sure of the spelling of it.

    I love the glass jar you found.

  4. ooooooh. POOR BEN! I wish you the best. I have an old puppy too...

  5. I'm so sorry that your dog is not doing well. I lost my friend a few months ago & it's hard! Hang in there.

  6. oh poor Ben! We lost our Muskoka back in October. He was 13 too. It was really hard to see him get weaker and weaker and loose interest in going for walks and stuff. Keep him comfortable and give him lots of hugs