Monday, December 17, 2012

Cute Baby DIYs!

Here are a couple easy baby projects I have done the last couple of days...

I made some headbands! I picked up a pack of these headbands at the dollarstore..and some embellishments..
I also found ribbon and a big silver button in my stash! (And literally glued them on.) Super easy!
They are still a little bit big...but they will fit the little string bean soon enough!
I also made this super easy onesie..
I can't really take credit for it...I found this iron on at Walmart! so cute!...I just ironed it on to the onesie! Cute right?!
 How cute is my model?! Love her!
I also made a couple of Christmas onesies! I used the famous freezer paper stencil method my sister in law is pro at...let me tell was a lot of fun! I want to make more! hahahahaha
Anyway I couldn't find nice fabric paint that I liked (our walmart sucks and there is not a craft store around here!) But I found these Martha Stewart paint and it says it works on fabric...we will have to see how it washes! Anyway, here they are when I painted them:

And here are the finished products...after I took the stencil off...what do you think? 
 Adalyn also got a handmade gift! Aunt Lauren made her some mitts! 
How sweet!? Homemade gifts are the best!! Thanks Lauren!

I'm sure there will be more baby projects coming soon! I have so many ideas in my head...I just have to find the time!


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