Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas 2012

Well, as most of you already know Christmas is my favourite time of year! I lovelovelove everything about it! (but most of all I love the beautiful decorations!) Almost every year living here I have changed up the decorations/colour combos of the tree and decor. However this year I am going to keep it as it was last year. I love my current colour combo of brown/white and green! Throw a little gold in there and you are set!!!

In 2007 (when we moved in together)  the tree was burgundy and gold
Look at the lovely carpet!! I don't miss that at all!! hahaha
2008 the tree stayed about the same....with a new topper and tree skirt
In 2009, we got rid of the burgundy and added brown instead. Brown and gold
In 2010 we kept the brown and gold, but added white to it.
and then last Christmas, 2011, we kept the brown, gold and white and added some green to the mix!
I love how the tree looked last year. I loved how all the colours looked together!!! That is the main reason I am keeping the tree as is this year!! Also because I have not seen another colour combo that I like better! 

This year I am loving everything glitter, and everything deer!! I know with having this baby shortly I probably will not have time to DIY anything new this year, but here is what is catching my eye at the moment:

adding 2 small wreaths to the cabinet in the kitchen

snowflake wreath

Love this Burlap Banner!

Loving the white stockings!!

Glitter everything!

Where could I put this!?!!

And I really want to make some of these salt dough ornaments/gift tags:

I know I made a list like this last year and didn't complete any of it! hahahahahh And with a baby, it is not looking good either!! But I will see what I can do! Maybe I can get a head start while I am here on bed rest!!!!!


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