Thursday, November 8, 2012

My DIY Christmas Binder

Now that it is November, I feel like I can talk about CHRISTMAS! It is my favourite time of year and this year will be even more special with a new little baby! I am still unsure if I can do all my normal Christmas traditions! I will be tired and not sleeping and have someone else to worry about! But because of this very reason I have made this:
A Christmas binder! 
A place to organize all my recipes, addresses for cards and other things! If you search Google or Pinterest there are tons of printables for this type of book! I guess a lot of people make books like this!? I have never been that organized. I thought with a baby on the way I should get my butt into gear though!!!!! I made a binder with dividers, page protectors and plastic pockets. I decorated the dividers with pictures from a Christmas magazine.

I made the following dividers: 2012 Organizer, Calendars, Gifts, Xmas Cards, Baking, Traditions, Wrapping & Tags, and  DIY Ideas

This was the first printable I found on Pinterest, before I even knew this type of book existed! ha It was for a Handmade Holiday Organizer 2012! It is basically organized by weeks and tells you what you should do that week....making cookie dough and freezing it, starting your handmade gifts, etc!
 I found it HERE
 After finding that printable I started searching for others. I found a gift giving idea sheet. You brainstorm all your ideas and write it down with the estimated cost. I  whited out my husbands list because he has 3 sisters and I don't want them to take my ideas...he is the HARDEST to buy for! hahahahah
 I included an envelope after this section to put all the receipts in!
I also got a Christmas baking planner...
 and a family traditions sheet
All of these printables are found HERE
I also found this Christmas card list.
You write the address in before and check every year you send or receive a card.
I found it HERE
I added a section for giftwrap/bow ideas.
As well as one fore DIY projects I want to make
I am very happy with how this binder turned out. As of now I am almost done all of my Christmas shopping. What I have done is already wrapped! I have also addressed and stamped my Christmas card envelopes. I think I am in pretty good shape! I would have been done all of my shopping but being on bed rest changed that! O well, I don't need much more anyway!

Come on Christmas!!


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