Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My DIY Journal

I forget which blog I saw this on originally but thought it was the cutest idea...especially with a new baby on the way. I started it January of this year and have been pretty good at keeping it up to date!
 One day I will make the dividers looks a little nicer! (I hope so anyway ahahahahah)

All you need are cue cards...and I bought a date stamper. Every card gets a day, so you will need 365 cards. Each year gets a line and you just write something you did or something that happened that day. I think it will be fun to look back and see what happened on that day each year!

Here is the beginning of the year, after I took the January divider away
 I just think it will be cute to see what happened on March 18th of every year...although I bet 2012 will be the winner! :)
Super easy and super cute! 



  1. Oh goodness, this is a wonderful idea! I love that you write just a little blurb about the day. You're right, this will be such a fun project to look back on!
    Good luck on your bed rest (is "good luck" the right thing to say?).

  2. smart! I wish I was dedicated enough to do that! Do you write not-so-happy events as well on there?

  3. Thanks girls! I thought it was a cute idea! I do write not-so-happy things on there too!! I write everything on there! Thank you Nichole...about the bed rest thing. I am losing my mind but it will be over soon! I am being induced Monday! Yikes!