Monday, November 5, 2012

What I have been up to the last few days.....

Well lets just say it hasn't been much! I am 38 weeks pregnant today and was in the hospital last Thursday with high blood pressure, then on Saturday and Sunday for a non-stress test. I am very lucky I was allowed to come home. My blood pressure is still borderline but it is not affecting me or the baby! I am basically on bed rest at the moment and am bored out of my mind! I am thankful though, that I am not on bed rest at the hospital. Michael has been great cooking, cleaning, and basically doing everything for me that I need!!! I don't know what I would do without him! He sets up my "station" so I have everything nice and close. Here is what is on my station.....

1. cellphone, home phone and remote controls, wii remote: I don't want to keep getting up to get these things so it is important they are there with me! I have lots of people checking in on me so that is nice too!

 2. Water bottle and a few snacks: Just in case!

3. Puzzle book and pencils, pregnancy books and info, journal: So I can readreadread before this baby gets here and feel like I know a little bit of what to expect! I am also obsessed with these logic puzzles!!
4. blankets, slippers, socks, sweater, pillow: I like to dress in layers so I don't get too hot/cold and have to go upstairs to get more clothes! (Definitely need my toes done! I can't reach them anymore! Yikes!)
5. computer! This was added to my "station" this morning and it has been nice catching up on email, PINNING and updating my Blurb pregnancy book!
5. TV/DVD: I am still going through the shows and movies I had on the PVR so that has been nice!
I am getting up every hour/hour and a half to stretch my legs and to check the fire. (I completely forgot to check the fire today and it was almost out, but I saved it!)

So that is how my day looks right now!!! I have an appointment and ultrasound tomorrow so I am hoping she can tell me more! It is getting so close!!! ahhhh I just want to be able to go out and do things again!!


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