Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekly Nursery Update

So, I think from here on out I am going to decorate the nursery and keep it a secret until the big reveal!!! You guys don't want me to wreck the surprise, do you!? Maybe I will update you if I get certain things, but I won't show you the room until it is all or almost all done!!! What I can tell you now:

The crib and dresser came this week!
Here is the crib:
(and the bed skirt. It is aqua...and needs to be ironed! :) )
 Here is the dresser:
 Also here is the cube organizer:
 I bought the fabric drawers to go into it....with the fake wood finish..I thought they were kinda cool...but I ended up hating them so I switched them around to the just brown side. I might add some sort of label or decoration to the box.
 After I took the above picture I realized I never put the backs on the spots that didn't have baskets. So here it is all done. Looks so much better!
 And I think that is all I am going to tell you until it is all done! Like I said I might post little things here and there, but I want the end result to be a surprise!! Also keep your eye out for more DIY projects! You will see some pretty cute ones shortly!


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