Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baby DIY #5 - A Cute Little Owl

I had been searching Pinterest and Google for cute owl crafts for the nursery. I came across this cute owl pillow made of felt!!
 The templates and tutorial were there, so I printed the templates out, traced them on my felt and cut them out. I also used buttons for the eyes. Lauren helped me!
 Lauren did the eyes and I soon found out she is a super fast with a needle and she did most of it! Thanks Laur! xo
 I did some though, here is proof...don't mind the heart covering my's not my fault they are way bigger and popping out of all my tops..
 Here is our guy ready to STUFF!
 I did use the sewing machine to stitch around the owl. I used invisible thread. I just wanted it to be super the stuffing wouldn't come out!
 Here is it on my hand before I stuffed it!
And here it is in the nursery
 It turned out pretty cute if you ask me!
 I might have to cool it with the owls might be getting a little too over owled! hahahahhaha
Can you blame me though? Owls are soooo cute!