Monday, July 19, 2010

My Summer To-Do List

Here are a few projects I want to make before summer is over!!!
When I went to work with Rachel today, in the living room, her mom had some feather balls. I am going to make some, something like this....
With fake feathers of course! I just googled and found these here
This tote:
And these bleach shirts (I would love to do it with a watergun too! :)
both found here
This beautiful pearl/lace bracelet found here
Some foot jewellry I googled and found here
and of course these from pottery barn ( what I bought the jars for yesterday)

So if anyone wants to come over and craft with me, let me know :)

Also I spoiled myself rotton and bought Martha Stewart embossing supplies today. Now my handmade cards are going to be even more awesome!


  1. Ooh, I love all the projects you've picked out! Especially the bracelet...very pretty.

    Thanks for the award!

  2. First, I love when you post your thrifted items and then how you have transformed them! Love it! Secondly, I was just at walmart the other day and found a random clearance isle where they were selling all their martha stewart line of glitters, stamp inks, and scrapbooking supplies!