Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Office Makeover!

Well I am doing a quick entry on home improvement makeovers! I saw the link over at  The DIY Show off! Now, we have done a lot of makeovers, to almost every room in the house (cheap ones of course with paint and curtains) We are just renting! Anyway I was thinking about which room to show, and I think the office is still my favourite! I love the bedroom and bathroom too, but there are certain things I also don't like about those rooms!

Ok, so when we moved in, the whole house had carpet. EVERYWHERE! The kitchen, and even the bathroom! We took most of it out right away. Under the office carpet there was  a layer of old tile.

This is what the room looked like! It is just a small little room.
We took the tile off and under that was....

This! So we cleaned it up and lived with it like this for a while

Until I decided which colour to paint of course!  Mike wanted blue. I am not a fan of blue (it is my parent's fault, beige beige beige!) hhahahhah Anyway, I decided to  let him go with blue, since he would be in there most of the time. So we picked a nice grey blue! And I fell in love with it right away!

Added some nice brown curtains, and an area rug and voila!
We love it!

Now go join in the fun!

I can't wait to see everyone's before and after photos!


  1. Looks so nice! I have a blue and brown guest room and we love it!

  2. looks the light area rug...and the paint color too! xo

  3. So pretty! I love gray/blue. Great choice! Lucky you with those floors! Love it! The chocolate brown curtains look perfect.

    Thanks for joining in on the Show & Tell! I love your office!


  4. Hey, I'm here with DIY Showoff. :) This is a fabulous redo! I really like the paint color a lot.

  5. love the rug, you pulled it all together so nicely too!


  6. I've had trouble picking blues but I love the shade with gray that you settled on here! Very attractive room - I would enjoy being in here.

  7. Great choice! The two colors made a great combination. Nice pick! Thanks for sharing the photos to us. It's really an inspiring one most especially for those who wants to try something new to their office. Thumbs up!


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