Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Transporation Week

 I knew before we were off for the summer I wanted to do weekly themes,  to keep things fun! We haven't done one every week, we have done three so far. We started with transportation! Adalyn loves cars, trucks and tractors at the moment! She enjoyed this week! Here are a few things we did:

I used the beans from our flower garden sensory bin and made a "digger" bin. Addy calls them tractors! hahaha She enjoyed this bin and so did her friend Ben when he came over as well!!

Then we went next door to see Daddy and all of his REAL machines and diggers!

We used cars and trucks and painted with them! Addy thought I was crazy at first but as soon as I showed her what to do she loved it. The cars and trucks left some cool tracks on the paper! Her finished art is on the pin board!

 After that we had a car wash! I think she liked this activity more than the painting!

She drove her cars through the play-doh one night while I was making dinner. She was entertained for a while with this activity!!

We also played with some vehicles on a ramp. She liked this!

I also made some boats out of pool noodles. She liked taking them apart and putting them back together.

and I made her a little car out of a box from the mail! She loved it! She ripped the steering wheel off right away though! hahah

I'm glad I finally got around to blogging about this! Adalyn really liked this week, probably the most. I will post about the ZOO week we also had by the end of the week!


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