Thursday, September 23, 2010

Emergency Closet Room Organization

Hello friends! We are friends right?! And friends don't judge or decide not to be friends even if they see something embarrassing, right?! I am about to show you something very embarrassing!  You see, our house has one closet. One small, tiny closet. If anyone knows me, they know that just wouldn't work out for me.hahah. We live in a 3 bedroom house, and we have a bedroom, and an office. The other room didn't even have an outlet so we didn't know what to use it for. So, we have a closet "room". It is nice and has lots of space, but that can lead to one big messy room. (If you know me, you also know I can be a little messy sometimes. Even though I am a daughter of neat freaks!) I went into the closet the other day and it was the worst I have ever seen it in my life. The entire house is not messy like this. This room seems to get the worst!! I do want an organized room and I even bought these to try and help
 (scarf hanger and pant hangers) I just hadn't used them yet. 
Ok, so are you ready?! ahhhhh....again, don't judge.
 This is behind the door
 The broken cloth roman shade.

Mike's side is pretty good. I must admit Mike is a little more neat then me, but his side can get just as bad!!

So, you think that is bad right?! Well it is! I cleaned up all the clothes and guess what was hiding under all the clothes on the dresser?!
booksbooksbooks! And magazines!

So, that is why I have called this "Emergency Closet Room Organization" I have already bought and stained a shelf, I have hooks waiting to be hung and am ready to get rid of some stuff in there!!! I am going to make a new jewellry station, new curtains and find a place for everything. Also am going to go through my clothes and get rid of the ones I don't wear!! I am working on it little by little before I go to work each day, so hopefully I will have something beautiful to show you on the weekend. Something nice and organized!!

Wish me luck, I am definitely going to need it!

 p.s- sorry mom and gramma. I hope you still love me! hahahahhaha


  1. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. I to only have one closet. I live in a new German house (US Army overseas) and German housing law states that a closet built in a room is "another room" Thus more taxes BLAH BLAH BLAH! So Germans buy those HUGE closets at Ikea and other places for there clothes and such. I have One closet next to my front door that is packed tight :) Its an organized mess (Hey that would make a great blog I feel your pain. I cannot wait to move to America where we have closets in every room! I wonder where Germans store their linens, and toiletries, and well....stuff you dont want cluttering up everything.....stuff you shove in a closet :)

  3. I cannot believe your house has only ONE closet! That's nuts! Can't wait to see the end result :)

  4. Ha, that's awesome that you shared your messy closet room. Points to you for being an honest blogger! :)

  5. No outlets?!?! That's crazy! Can't wait to see all the thrifty solutions you come up with!