Sunday, May 18, 2014

Something New..

We will be starting something new over here! Remember how I started weekly themes last summer when Addy was a little babe? We started with beach week which ended up being beach month and we never did any other themes! Lol. I am going to do that again!

Adalyn surprised me this week by matching bingo dabber lids to the correct colour bingo dabber, all on her own! I didn't tell her to match them or anything. All I asked her to do was to put the lids back on! At first I thought it was a I took the lids off, mixed them up and gave them back to her and she did it again! I was very impressed! I thought it would be fun to focus on colours. Each week will be a different colour! I decided to do six weeks (red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple) After that I will decide what to do from there! (Either continue with colours: pink, white, black, brown etc) or focus on all new themes. I don't consider this teaching her or "school"...they will be fun activities (painting, sensory etc) that we can talk about!

Tomorrow I am starting with the colour BLUE. They only reason I chose this first was because she can say it perfectly clear. I don't think she knows what it means. She seems to say it when she is colouring. hahah When I tell her she is using a green marker, she says "blue". Funny girl!

I have a ton of easy, FREE activities all planned out! I am really trying hard not to spend any money! (Although I already know I want to get blue jello...but that is pretty cheap ;) ) I am trying to use items from around the house!

I think I will do one big post at the end of the week, instead of every day..we all know that wouldn't happen! I am pretty excited to start this and have a lot of ideas in my head! Pinterest has been a great resource! Tomorrow is a holiday so I am doing some messy painting! She loves painting! I will also give her a blue discovery box of blue things from around the house! I am pretty excited to start this!!


P.S I have decide to do quick recap blog posts of the holidays I missed! I just like to have everything documented in one place and like to look back on the previous holiday to see what I did! You might see some new posts every day for a while until I catch up! :)

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