Friday, March 21, 2014

16 month Favourties!

Well, Adalyn is 16 months old. She is getting so big and I kind of want time to slow down. It is just happening so fast and I want to slow down and remember her the way she is today! Here is my big girl:

Here are some stats:

* She weighs 22lbs. I know I said she weighed 24 the last post 2 months ago (I guessed) but I was off. She hasn't really gained weight in a while...but the doctor's aren't concerned! She is very busy and burns lots of calories! She eats like a pig as well! I think if she wasn't busy she would be a chunky monkey! :)
* She has 12 teeth (her front 8 teeth and four molars)
* She wears 18 month clothes. All pants are now 18-24 months
* She is now wearing size 5 shoes
* She has 3 bottles (homo milk) a day. The morning one is 4oz, the daytime one is 3oz and her night time bottle is 5oz.
* She is saying so much more! Some new ones include : boot, birdie (obsessed with birdies), hat, apple, bus (she calls trucks buses too). She says "bye bye Daddy/Mommy" When one of us leave. I love that! We are still working on "love you". She says "hot" if she is by the wood stove, the stove or any candles. She also says "shhh" and puts her finger to her mouth when she is watching the birds. She has also started lifting her hands palm up if you ask her where something is and she doesn't know!
* She is obsessed with birds! She loves looking out the window and always wants one of us to come with her. She says "up, birdies" and we go and watch them together. She knows to whisper or they will fly away! It is super cute!
* She loves crayons, her dolls, magnets and books right now. She now loves soft cover books and isn't ripping them anymore..just don't give her anything with flaps or pop ups!
* She is still a really good eater! We are very lucky. I think she would only eat fruit if we let her!
* She is still a really good sleeper! Usually sleeps 7:30pm to 7:00 am with an afternoon nap consisting of 2- 2.5hours! She now sleeps with a little pillow and likes a muslin blanket and a stuffy with her.

 Here are a few of her favourite things at the moment:

1- Gem crayons. We got these from Target and she loves them. She draws and plays with them a lot!
2 - Violet, her Blabla doll. She loves it and sleeps with it every night!
3- These shades I got in the dollar bin at Target. She gets excited when I ask her if she wants to wear them
4- These cute nesting dolls, also from Target. They keep her very busy!
5- Melissa and Doug reusable stickers! You can't go wrong for the price. She loves stickers so this is a good thing for her. You can take them off and re-do the pages over and over. It is a good quiet activity if you need her to sit and be quiet for a few minutes! :)
6- Melissa and Doug magnets! Although I am not impressed with the quality (a fair number of ours are chipped/pieces of wood are gone) she loves them and loves to stick them on her magnet board!

So that's it, her 16 month update. It still sounds crazy to me that we have a 16 month old. I know I say this every time but I love this stage! I love watching her and love that she is starting to say more and  more! I love being her Mommy!


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