Wednesday, March 19, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Recap!

We had a fun St. Patrick's Day week over here! It was nice to have the week off to actually focus on it! We usually don't really celebrate it or decorate for it, but since my sister married Kev (who is from Ireland) I felt we had to do something! :) Here is a look back on our St. Patrick's Day week!

 We got our green straws out!
 We had lucky charms and green milk...Addy picked out the marshmallows and didn't eat the rest of the cereal..of course!
 We played with some rice...I definitely used my Valentine's day rice and just added green stuff to it!
 (She was obsessed with the necklaces!

 We had lucky charm squares! Made the same way as Rice Krispie squares

 We painted and made a few things
We made a hand print clover and a hand print leprechaun!

We had a rainbow fruit tray complete with clouds and a pot of gold!
 It quickly turned to this...
 We coloured some cute pictures

And used some fun stickers!

We had jello sensory play! I placed some St. Patrick's Day coins in some jello and she had to dig them out! She loved this....
 She ended up eating a lot of it too...

we drank some green smoothies with our fun straws!

And we had a green St. Patrick's Day bath the day of!!

We had lots of fun! I am kind of sad to pack everything away! I love all the green around here! However, I am really excited to start on our Easter fun! Only a month away!! Yay!


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