Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring is FINALLY here!

It is finally starting to feel like spring around here! The weather has been warming up and Adalyn and I are getting out more and more! I can't wait to really put the stroller to good use!

The summer is usually when I am off work, and usually when I post the most. (because I am off work and have more time to do stuff!) I think this summer though, will be a quiet one on the blog. I plan on really taking advantage of the weather, getting out with the little miss and just enjoying my time being off. I got to craft lots this winter, because I was cooped up and there wasn't much else to do!! I usually stay up late, until 11 or so, to blog or craft and if the babe got up early I knew Mike would get up with her (he is a morning person) and I could sleep in! (definitely not a morning person) But now that Mike is back to work and leaving VERY early, and that Addy has been randomly waking up now...I don't want to stay up late in case she gets up! I NEED my sleep to function, and not be so cranky so I don't think I will be staying up late anymore! Which means there won't be as much blogging!

I am not saying I will never post again, but they just won't be as regular as they have been! I just thought I would let you know so you didn't think I would drop off the face of the earth!


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