Monday, April 29, 2013

Some new onesies...

You know me and how I love to paint and embellish baby onesies...I made some more! Here are my latest creations..

For the first one I just used fabric paint and a stencil I had...
 For the second one I just used some fabric paint and tape..and painted stripes!

And here is how they turned out...

Pretty cute right!? Addy looks ADORABLE in both of them. I might be a little biased though...... :)



  1. So cute!! What kind of tape did you use? Just regular masking tape? I just got some fabric paint a Hobby Lobby and have been trying to decide what I am going to make with it :)

  2. I would have liked to use masking tape...that works the best! Just make sure you push down the edges!!! I actually used the only tape I had, which was double sided tape! I don't suggest using that because when I peeled it off some of the sticky glue stuck to the onesie!!! It was a pain to get off!!!

  3. I"ve always liked this idea... but how do they hold up in the wash?

  4. OMG, what a cute inexpensive idea!!!


  5. With my previous onesies and bibs I used Martha Stewart all purpose paint which said it could be used on fabric, but it didn't was well at all. This time I actually went out and bought actual fabric paint and it has held up really well. I just don't put it in the dryer...