Monday, April 8, 2013

Project Life: 52 week family edition!

I originally bought all the supplies for Project Life to make Adalyn a nice baby book. Well, I did that (I will show you a few pages in a second)...fell in love with the entire process and decided to make a family one.
First, here are a few pages from Adalyn's book:
(Some names and details may have a heart covering it for privacy reasons!)

The title page

 I also found these envelopes at the dollar store and put all of her first cards and photos in there! (Look at all the Valentines she got!!!!)

For the family one I decided to make a two page spread for each week. That is documenting 52 weeks!!!! Mike thinks I'm crazy..but I am loving every minute of it! Every Sunday I go through my pictures from the week (I make a folder) and decide on the best ones..I usually make little collages because there are always so many pictures I want to include. I upload them online and send them to the Walmart print centre. I then go through the events of the week and journal!! I love it, and I love how it looks! I then pick up my pictures whenever I am in town! I am all caught up to week 13, March 25th to 31st. I use a combination of the Amber Core Kit from Project Life, the holiday digital kit from Project Life,  Me and my Big ideas Pocket Pages cards and free printables from all over the web. (Check my Project Life folder on my Pinterest Page!) I am still learning and still getting used to it, so the pages aren't that creative. I still love them though. Here are some of my pages.

Week 1

Week 3

Week 7

 Week 9

Week 11
And here is my week 13 ( the week of Easter)

I didn't have enough room to journal all about our busy week so I cut a page protector up smaller then the 12x12 page and on one side documented Easter at Mike's parents house, and the other side I wrote about Easter at my Gramma's!

What do you think!? I think if you like scrapbooking but don't have the time to do it, you should give this a is sooooo easy! I am sure you will fall in love, just like me! I will probably post my layouts each week from here on out...It will give me motivation to keep going! Stay tuned for week 14!!

Ashley xo

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