Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Play Room Inspiration

Ok, so we ended up moving downstairs on the main floor for the winter to sleep because the wood stove is down there and it was much warmer! We were worried about Adalyn being too cold upstairs! At first we put our double bed in the living room, and Adalyn slept in her bassinet. We cleaned out the one room (we called it the junk room because we stored most of our stuff in there!) opposite the office and moved the bed in that room. We had the double bed, dresser with her change pad on top, a bookcase with all of Adalyn's recent clothes and her play pen where she slept! We have since moved back upstairs...thank goodness (I missed my bed!) and decided to make our old "bedroom" downstairs a play room! I am very excited for this  because:

A)  I get to redecorate and plan a new room!
B)  I can move all of Addy's stuff out of the living room!
C)  Addy will have an amazing place to play and learn.

As you all know already I am thrifty, and now on a maternity leave budget which means we can't put a lot of money into this room. It is fun to try and decorate a room for the least amount of money you can. I will be keeping a tally and add up the total money spent at the end! I know now there will be at least one wall papered wall (the same wall paper as in Adalyn's room...the wall is in bad shape), a chalkboard, possibly a magnet board and some cube shelves! I am also making my own paint colour with left over aqua paint from Addy's room, and leftover white paint! No reason to go out and by new paint!

Here is our current to-do list:
  • wallpaper walls
  •  paint ceiling, trim and walls
  • build cube shelves
  • build ABC foam mat
  • buy, paint and hang shelves
  • make chalkboard
  • buy and hang window film 
  • decorate!!!
That's all I can think of at the moment but I'm sure there are many other things! I will keep you posted each week. I have a feeling this is going to be a quick finish because I want her toys out of the living room real bad.....they are driving me nuts! hahah
Anyway, for now, here is some inspiration..the rooms I love, as well as certain aspects in them!
(Remember, these aren't my images I have found these through don't pin these items from my blog. Click the link underneath each picture to take you to the proper source! Thanks!)
love the foam flooring and storage!

I love the designated reading area, the spice rack bookshelves and the large letters!

LOVE the teepee...I don't think we have enough room for one! I really want one though! And love the tall storage! We are planning on doing this to leave more room on the floor!

love this! I love that you can take it with you when you go. My friend Sharon made one (that looks fabulous) and I have to have one too! hahahahah

I need a chalkboard, obviously! hahaha

I love the paper backing on the shelves...and what the shelves are sitting on! I would love to find those!

maybe a felt board?

It would be cool to have a confetti wall!

Gah so many pretty ideas...I know you are probably thinking "she is a baby, what do you need a chalkboard for" I know she is only a baby but I can't help but decorate this room the way I see it...for the future! It has to look pretty! hahahah

I can't wait to start decorating! Stay tuned for the room update next week!


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