Monday, April 15, 2013

5 Month Favourites!

Well, Addy is 5 months old! I can't believe it. I know I said it last month but there has been such a big jump from 4 months to 5 months. They grow and learn so quickly. It is amazing to watch..I am glad I am here with her every single day to experience it!

Here's the little monkey:

5 month stats:

* See the picture above? She wants to sit up SOOOO badly and does little half situps and tries so hard!
* She loves being in the Jolly Jumper now! It looks like she is doing a little Irish jig and is super cute.
* She is very curious about food! We are actually starting her on cereal today! We will see how it goes!
* She has started to giggle. I have to do something completely ridiculous to make it happen but I am        more than happy to, just to hear it!
* She is still sleeping really well, waking up the odd time here and there. It depends on the night.
* She is SOOO curious about the animals and wants to pet them all the time. The only one that will let her is Sadie!
* She loves to explore new toys and everything really! She has sat on her feeding pillow her entire life but just noticed the tag on it today...and was completely mesmerized!! Little things like that....
* When I go to kiss her she opens her mouth all the is so cute!!!
* She throws absolutely everything off the highchair..what a cute game...

Here are some of our five month favourites we are loving at the moment!

(I can't find a link for the exersaucer) 

1. I have wood teethers and teething bling but all she really wants are the nice cold teethers!!
2. The Jolly Jumper is definitely her new favourite activity. She laughs and smiles the entire time! It is so cute to watch her!
3. The playpen is my new favourite thing. She slept in the bassinet part for a while when we were downstairs but since she has reached 15lbs we had to lower it. I put her in it to sleep in the day and when I have to run upstairs for a second...she is  moving a lot now and almost had 2 accidents off the couch. I am glad I have been there both times. I just like to know she is safe in there if I have to leave her for a sec.
4. My cousin-in-law? Is that a thing?! hahah Anyway she gave us one of her exersaucers to borrow until her son is old enough to use it. I am so glad I did. She LOVES it! And I love the fact that she can't throw any of the toys off of it! hahah
5. Sophie...oh Sophie. She has always loved Sophie but really has been chewing on her lots lately!!
6. She loves the singing soccer ball!! She loves how soft it is and I love how she can make it sing on her own. It's a win win!

Well, that's it for now! I can't wait to see how she will grow this next month...

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