Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Morning Love

Well let me start by saying that my crazy blogging each and every day will soon come to an end! The end of summer means back to work...so I wont have days off to get creative! I will have evenings and weekends which equals less posts! I am ok with it though!

Yesterday afternoon was a good day! I painted and hung a shelf. ( you will see it as soon as I organize everything on it!)

I finally finished this:

I painted this dollar store plate and attached a mirror candle base and now it looks like this (all for $3.00):

Don't worry! I have since cleaned up those finger prints! hahahaha

I painted this

And now it is used for this:

I also made 3 of these:

All with stuff from the dollar store: foam balls, hot glue and twine! I got the idea from Dollar Store Crafts! I think they look great! So I decided to stick them in here:

This was the vase I bought at the dollarstore to wrap in twine! I am glad I didn't because I like how they look! They will be on my new shelf! I just have to paint some frames and get some prints! and I am all set! I will keep you posted!


  1. Wow!!You have been busy! I love the toilet paper holder; it is very cute!

  2. Thanks for the blog comment! I love your twine balls! That is definitely on my list of crafts to take on this fall! Great job!

  3. The first one seemed to take forever, but by the 3rd one, it took 5 minutes!